The Inevitable

I've lost everything and when I've suddenly started a new life I'm thinking...
Can it get anymore complicated?!
It doesn't help with millions of girls hating on you. Directioners.
Someone I was. Their not the one being internationally bullied.
Their not the sister of a worldwide superstar.
Their not the one without a family...
They can't judge.


7. The Thing



"Aw, thank god your here." Was the first response I got when I arrived at the care home, back from the hospital. It came out of my social worker, Anne's, mouth. It wasn't the fact that she was worried about me, it was because she didn't want to lose her job.

Instead of replying, I ran upstairs to my little bedroom and chucked the contents of my pocket on to the bed. 

Now, to find out what it was. But just as I was about to check in my pockets, the Jones twins fell through the door of my tiny bedroom and I quickly hid the package. The Jones, Jack and Lewis, had been here since they were toddlers because their mother committed suicide and they were found at home alone. Both had blonde hair and blue eyes.

 I glared at them. "What?" I heard one of them mutter something but decided to ignore it. Meanwhile the other one smirked and said, 

"We heard you were in hospital." He crossed his arms.

"From where?" I frowned. The other one smirked this time. "On the news." I froze but recovered a second later. I hissed at them. "Get out." After I was left alone, I checked the mystery things. First I picked up the note, this is what I read; 


we never got to arrange for another time to meet, I really want to see you again so I arranged a few things for you. Oh, and heres ma number- 07984628463 Love Harry

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