The Inevitable

I've lost everything and when I've suddenly started a new life I'm thinking...
Can it get anymore complicated?!
It doesn't help with millions of girls hating on you. Directioners.
Someone I was. Their not the one being internationally bullied.
Their not the sister of a worldwide superstar.
Their not the one without a family...
They can't judge.


4. Over Again


We saw a girl, quite young may I add, in tears. Jeez, what did Paul say to get her so upset? She had a top with a picture of us on it so she was definitely fan and Paul had tried to stop her from getting in. 

"Are you okay, love?" She may be a fan but she was still human, hopefully. 

I chuckled at my humour. I realized none of them knew what I was laughing about so they were probably a little freaked out.

"He's weirder than we think," Louis acted as if he was fascinated by my behavior  "He asks a girl if she's alright and then starts laughing immediately afterwards, how extraordinary."

I heard the girl stifle a laugh and our heads turned to her. Her face slowly grew redder. 

"Um, could you kinda um, stop staring?" We laughed- me and the boys at how uncomfortable she got under someone's stare. It was cute. "So,what's your name?" That was Louis but she kept her mouth shut and gave us a glare so Louis jumped on her causing her to fall back on to the floor. 

"Tamanna, but you can call me Tee," She blurted out in fright. She probably thought he was going to kill her. A small, sad smile formed on her lips.

"Louis!" Liam snapped, "What have I told you about your manners?" 

"Sorry daddy." Louis looked at the ground in shame then back at Liam, showing off his puppy dog eyes. Liam sighed in defeat. I realized I had just been dazing the whole time and hadn't said a thing so I tried to pick up a conversation with her, just in case it got awkward. 

"So, Tee..."

Her name felt good on my tongue. "What were you and Paul talking about?" 

She froze all of a sudden.


Did he really have to ask that?

"My family," I mumbled. Please drop it, I silently prayed.

"What's so bad about your family that you have to start crying?" Louis asked. Breathing in heavily, I felt the pressure being piled up on me but before I could reply. I had passed out.

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