The Inevitable

I've lost everything and when I've suddenly started a new life I'm thinking...
Can it get anymore complicated?!
It doesn't help with millions of girls hating on you. Directioners.
Someone I was. Their not the one being internationally bullied.
Their not the sister of a worldwide superstar.
Their not the one without a family...
They can't judge.


6. Nobody Compares


From then on, the whole day was a bore.  I saw the others sharing sly glances and smirks. They weren't sharing something with me and I had a good idea what it was about. 

On our break, we waved to the fans and headed to the back where I jumped on Louis,catching him off guard and knocking him to the ground. 

"What the hell?!" He screamed. 

I gave him a steely, but also playful glare. "What were you and the guys talking about?" 

Then I shot looks at the others and they had surprised looks on their face because they didn't think I noticed. Although it was quite obvious! 

Niall, being his normal stupid self, came right out and told me how they thought I was in love because Tee looked like Zayn a little bit because she had his eyes. Zayn was on the ground laughing by this point. But, for me, I thought she was just different from any other girl. Nobody (I've met) compares to her. 

Trying to be reasonable, I said. "Look guys, we've only met her and I think you guys are taking too far."

Liam agreed. "Yeah, we probably might not see her again." I smirked, little did they know. Just then, my phone beeped- indicating I got a message. "Excuse me, please guys." 

"Aw, is baby Hazza hoping it's from Tee." Louis said, in a baby voice. 

"Ha Ha, very funny." I replied with sarcasm.

The text. It really was from Tee.

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