The Inevitable

I've lost everything and when I've suddenly started a new life I'm thinking...
Can it get anymore complicated?!
It doesn't help with millions of girls hating on you. Directioners.
Someone I was. Their not the one being internationally bullied.
Their not the sister of a worldwide superstar.
Their not the one without a family...
They can't judge.


2. Change My Mind


We were going back to the U.K that day but we weren't going to our hometowns. We had a signing in Westfield, the one that was the biggest shopping center in Europe, then we were performing three days in a row at the O2 arena, in London. Singing is what I loved and still love doing best.

Just being screamed in the ear and turning half deaf wasn't part of my job.

I don't think I was looking really forward to the concert and I'm sure the boys noticed. 

"Cheer up, Hazza mate." He said, after seeing my face, "It won't be that bad." 

I attempted at a smile and failed. 

Recently, the rumors about me and Taylor was making it harder for me to concentrate on the upcoming 2013 tour. 

Hopefully, it'll stop. 


She looked through the papers and sighed. My social worker. 

If she was getting fed up, why didn't she just leave me alone? 

She looked up and gave a fake smile, trying to hide her annoyance but I could see right through her. She wasn't here to help the kids, she just needed the money, I could tell. 

"When we find any other available relatives, I'll get back to you. Okay?" She said in that sickly, sweet voice again.

I just walked slowly out. Wasn't bothered, to be honest. It's not like they could ever make everything the same again. 

I changed out of my pyjamas and into my One Direction top and beige colored chinos. I slipped on my flats, grabbed my bag and headed out the door.

Outside, I realized I didn't have any plans to go anywhere.

Oops. Should've thought about that before. 

I heard a faint call.

"Tee, darling. Come back." That was my social worker. 

I ran to the only place I could go at the moment. The shopping center.

I was not going to change my mind.


The second we stepped out of the plane, we were bustled out of the airport and into a limo, which took us straight to our hotel with no stops.

Paul told us that we only had 5 minutes till we were out of here to get the place set up. How reassuring. Don't you think? 

The boys were doing last minute checks such as Zayn was fixing his hair, Niall and Louis were stuffing as much food and carrots in their mouths as they could and Liam was checking his Twitter. Whereas I decided to a quick explore round this place.

I ended up outside and in a garden round the back somewhere that seemed deserted. There were fresh and fragrant flowers growing with the grass and trees so green. The smell of lavender filled the air. 

It was truly a magical and romantic place. 

I checked my DKNY watch and sighed before returning inside. I made it to the lobby just in time to the boys coming downstairs.

This was going to be a hell of a signing.

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