The Inevitable

I've lost everything and when I've suddenly started a new life I'm thinking...
Can it get anymore complicated?!
It doesn't help with millions of girls hating on you. Directioners.
Someone I was. Their not the one being internationally bullied.
Their not the sister of a worldwide superstar.
Their not the one without a family...
They can't judge.


1. More Than This

This is the story of the couple that came to be. Harry and Tee, also known as Hatee. The morning where two people's world would collide and love would grow, where they help each other through the worst...


It was all too quick for me. They were asking me about what I wanted to keep, family. I thought it was too much for me. If I'd known, they didn't have much time, I would've been a bit nicer. 

They were trying to be kind, I guess, about it but I didn't really want to know. If only they knew back then. The pain. The tears. The loneliness. But they didn't so they had no right to judge me and couldn't move me from somewhere I once called home.

When they tried to bustle me in to the car that was when my tantrum kicked in. I kicked, wailed and screamed. I was definitely not going to let then take my home after my family had gone. 

They tried to reassure me that t was going to be alright but I was never the one to be fooled.Finally, they use force and angrily grab my arms and shove me in the car, hard. 

I can't help wishing. 

For more than this. 

A tear slid down my cheek. 

'I've never had the words to say, 

But now I'm asking you to stay...

For a little while inside. My heart.'

'And as you close your eyes tonight. I pray that you see the light...

Shining from above, the stars...


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