De Emo Life

the emo life is here. yay iv been through a lot as an emo so now u can read what iv been through. So far..


3. why choose emos?

so. i bet you guys are wondering why we became emo...? so heres our storys one by one....


i became emo because emo are awesome. ok yh but he main reson is bullying !! because of my teeth? and when im emo.... i cut myself as well? tht takes the paint away. everyday i have a scar from somthing...anythingknifes,sicisors,deogorant what next?? so heres my story EVERYDAY and i mean EVERYDAY i used to get called names such as




and more i couldnt handdle it one bit.. i was young..? i started wearing black even though i didnt know aboout emos i started acting like one too. then i met kurt jordan liam... ect and well yh i found out wat an emo was through them and relised im one. and from now on people now call me a emo pikey,emo,pikey,slut,hoe JUST BECAUSE IM EMO? great...


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