you've got to be the one

imy's mum is the new stylist of 1D she helps her mum alot with the boys and starts to fall for harry. she really feels he's the one but it's not working for him.


2. the plane ride

me and my mum arrived at the airport, the boys were waiting there with their tour manger. "hi imy! hi emma!" (emma is my mum) said all the boys. "heeeyy...!" i said in a really embarrassing lovey kinda way. we checked all our stuff in and i started to get to know the boys. they were all so nice, i couldn't wait to know them even more!

when we boarded the plain the seats were in rows of three. my mum ALWAYS sits near the window so she did i sat next to her and there was one seat left harry was the first to rush and come sit next to me. this gave me butterfly's in my stomach. "hey ellie! you alright with me sitting here? yea?" silly boy of course it was fine! "YES! i mean yeah sure its fine hehe" i giggled. he smiled, his smile and eyes are amazing!

harry fell asleep on the journey as it was a night flight. while he was asleep his head flopped on my shoulder! omg harry styles was asleep on me! this was the best moment of my life! i then went to sleep cause i didn't want him to wake up on me with me awake thinking im some kind of freak. 

when the plane landed i woke up harry was already awake. he said "sorry if i woke you up atall cause when i woke up my head was on you. haha sorry!" " don't be silly it's fine! haha i don't mind." omg this boy is perfect. 

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