Me, Liam and the lads

A 19 year old girl is torn apart from her brother and best friend when they both enter X factor. they never see each other until they bump into each other at the park...


4. " You're on speaker Mr Mature!"

    "See you next week, gang!" I called to my boxing group. I slung my bag over my shoulder and headed for the penthouse. I put the key into the ignition of my car and drove off. Thankfully, I had given Liam my number so we were talking nonstop to each other.

Liam: Where are you, doofus?

Jacqie: I'm driving there, my little cunt!

Liam: Why are you driving whilst you're on the phone?! You shouldn't do that you know! You are older than me!

Jacqie: You're on speaker Mr Mature!

Liam: Thank goodness for that then Little Miss Crazy!

Jacqie: Yes Mr Mature. Bye bye cunt!

Liam: Bye bye doofus.

Yes, we call each other weird nicknames. I call him a cunt and Mr Mature whilst he calls me a doofus and and Little Miss Crazy. We're just plain bonkers.

   I pulled up in the driveway of the penthouse. There were bushes near the gate so I called to say that I was there and hid in the bushes. Liam opened the to find nothing and no one there.


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