Me, Liam and the lads

A 19 year old girl is torn apart from her brother and best friend when they both enter X factor. they never see each other until they bump into each other at the park...


2. Reunited

     I went down to my local Starbucks and ordered my usual, a cappuccino. I sat on the nearest park bench and inhaled the cold, winter air. I took my first few sips and let the liquid burn my tounge.  I wrapped my freezing hands around the hot cup and my hands grew warm again.

     I got up and  walked towards my house when I bumped into two people wearing black all over.  One of the people in black tripped over a twig so I rushed over to help. I recognised both of their faces, as I helped the one that fell over. It had to be them. No, it can't be. I mean, their both famous now, what could they be doing in Wolverhampton? "Jacqie! Is that you?" they both said in unison.

"Why did you leave me, you guys? Come on, group hug!" I practically screamed. Ok, I might as well tell you I was talking  to. Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. Don't you scream too, but I am Liam Payne's  big sister. And I'm Louis Tomlinson's friend/room mate. I don't want any hate! A girl can have her secrets, correct!? correct.

A/N I hope you liked those  first two chapters! this is my first fan-fiction so I'm pretty new to this whole thing. So please read! And I would really appreciate feedback, whether its kind or constructive!

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