Me, Liam and the lads

A 19 year old girl is torn apart from her brother and best friend when they both enter X factor. they never see each other until they bump into each other at the park...


3. Apartment 3b

  "Come on! We have got so much catching up to do!" I exclaimed." Follow me!"

  "Yes, boss" they replied. They're back to themselves again. Phew! I grabbed both of their hands and dragged them to my apartment. I unlocked the door to apartment 3b and let the door swing open. I started to tidy up because my apartment was always a mess.

  "Still messy then sis?" Liam smirked. Does he have to be so nosy?!

  "Yes, now stop butting into buisness that isn't your own. Tea? Coffee?" I asked Louis.

  "I'll have a tea and I'm sure Liam will have a coffee." Louis answered." Did you two always act like that when you," Louis gestured to me, " moved back?"

  "Yes," Liam and I said in unison.

 " Turn around, touch the ground, padlock, shotgun, JINX touch wood" we exclaimed.


Louis faked a cough to make us stop.

   "Now that I have your attention, perhaps tomorrow you could come round to the penthouse Jacqie?" Louis said like one of those posh butlers you find on the telly. 

   "Sure!" I smiled. "I'll come round after my shift at the boxing club, K?!"

   "Ssshift? A-a-at the boxing club?" Liam and Louis stuttered.

   "Yeah!" I'm a coach there!"

  "Oh God," Louis whispered into Liam's ear. That guy is so loud that you could here him from miles away if he shouted. I betcha.


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