Me, Liam and the lads

A 19 year old girl is torn apart from her brother and best friend when they both enter X factor. they never see each other until they bump into each other at the park...


1. Introducing Me


Hi. I’m Jacqie Payne. I’m a boxing and karate coach, but I only earn £345 a year. I have dark chocolate colored hair and brown eyes. I’m a family girl, and I am only about 5 foot 3. I am 19 years of age so I’m pretty short. Everyone says that I have lovely long hair and an amazing figure but I don’t think so. That’s my insecurity.

    I was Louis Tomlinson’s best friend, and roommate, until I had to move from Doncaster and back to boring, old Wolverhampton.

    I guess you noticed my surname. You definitely did, just admit it. OK, back to the point.

    You’ve probably heard about One Direction, right? Liam Payne, yes the Liam Payne, is my little bro. Ironic, right!? The strangest thing is that I don’t actually have paparazzi at my doorstep 24/7. I guess I’m just lucky.   

   When Liam and Louis tried out for X Factor, the two of them promised me that they would Skype me every night they got through. It didn’t really go as planned, and the two of them got put in a group with a certain Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. After X Factor, and them only getting in 3rd place, Louis and Liam grew apart from me. We never Skyped, chatted on the phone or e-mailed each other. My world was being held hostage. I’ll be honest, I can’t really live without my mature Liam or my completely bonkers Louis.

    I was just sitting on an ordinary park bench, drinking my usual Starbucks cappuccino. As I tooanother sip of my drink, something happened. Something I least expected..............



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