When two Movellians receive prophetic dreams about the future of their writing community, they are plunged into a dangerous adventure in the middle of the spookiest, most superstitious day of the year: Halloween.
This brand new story is brought to you by the author of Codename: Fanfics and Child of the Seas.
Be prepared, Movellas...
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3. Trick or Freak

"Candy, candy, candy!" I sang. "I bet I have more than yoouu!" I tauntingly swung my trick-or-treat bag in front of my sister's nose. A rather forceful autumn breeze pulled it sideways, and it whacked against her nose. 

"Ouch! No, you DON'T!" my sister retorted angrily, pushing the cloth bag away and whacking me on the arm, a little more painfully than she should have.

"Hey!" I said indignantly. My sister pulled a face, and we lapsed into silence.

It was 6:00pm, and we had just been trick-or-treating. Leaving our parents walking slightly behind us, we were walking home along another street, celebrating our candy haul-- well, at least I was. The prospect of school tomorrow was making my sister slightly grumpy.

"Hey, Katie," I said to my sister, trying to lighten the mood. "There's one of those creepy skeleton witch thingies." I pointed towards the decoration, which was hanging on a door, looking very plastic and fake.

"Not another one," my sister groaned. "Spiders and those things, that's all people hang up anymore."

"I wonder if it's one of those ones which make a noise when you clap your hands. Should I go and see?"

Katie nodded eagerly. I walked up to the decoration and clapped my hands twice, loudly.

Instantly, the decoration's eyes began to glow red, and an eerie sound began to play. I laughed in delight. "It is one, Katie! Haha! I haven't seen one for a--"

The rest of my sentence got lost in my throat on its way to my mouth. Katie was frozen in the place where she had been standing, an eager look on her face, as if she couldn't wait to see if the decoration actually reacted to my claps.

"Uh... Katie?" I walked towards her slowly, wondering if this was one of her jokes. I waved my hands in front of her face and clapped them, hoping she would blink.

When she didn't, I raced up the street screaming at the top of my lungs for my parents. I couldn't breathe. What was happening to my little sister? What was happening to... me?!

Finally I saw my parents. I raced towards them. "Mum! Dad! You've got to help me! It's Katie: she's..."

I clapped a hand over my mouth. My parents were stuck, unmoving, in a position which looked like they had been talking to each other. They looked like statues.

I reached forward and touched my mother's arm. It was as cold as ice.

I lost it. I ran back to Katie, screaming, crying, and shaking my head. "HELP ME! HELP ME, SOMEBODY!"

The moment I realized even the breeze and the trees had frozen was the moment my life became a lot more terrifying.

I was standing beside Katie, motionless and horrified, trying to cry but feeling too numb and breathless.

"Heh, heh, heh, heh..." The witch-decoration was still cackling. I looked at it emotionlessly.

Suddenly, its eyes began to change. They became deeper and darker, swirling with the same darkness which had invaded my dreams last night. The horrible grotesque seemed to open its arms and move towards me. I was frozen to the spot, unable to move.

"Kameka..." It spoke in a hoarse, deep, terrifying voice, one you might think would belong to a skeleton. "Kameka..." Its skull-like, withered face broke into a horrible grin.

"You have seen too much. You have heard too much. You have dreamed too much. You will never see Lia, or Rawrz, or Larky. You will definitely never see Gilray. And you will never even see yourself as a human being again."

I screamed, long and loud. The creature cackled, raised its arms, and gave a cry-- and with a jagged flash of what I thought was lightning, I pitched forward, sailing helplessly into the creature's eyes.

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