When two Movellians receive prophetic dreams about the future of their writing community, they are plunged into a dangerous adventure in the middle of the spookiest, most superstitious day of the year: Halloween.
This brand new story is brought to you by the author of Codename: Fanfics and Child of the Seas.
Be prepared, Movellas...
Awesome new cover! Who likes it? :)


2. Thunder Clap

Tippedy tap, tippedy tap, taptaptaptaptap

I never took my eyes off the laptop screen, my fingers just a blur as I typed. It must be getting late now, probably around nine or ten, but I have to get all these ideas down, before they leave my head, never to return.

I kept on typing, despite how heavy my eyelids are, the loud roar of the wind outside, and the rain pounding at my window with tiny, wet hammers.

"Are you disobeying orders?" I asked, interrupting Agent Fairface.

"No, but seriously. What if you die?"

I shrugged, making Agent Lark groan, as the familiar whirr started up overhead. "No big loss, now go!" I replied.


"GO! Or I'll have you sacked from Espionage and Assassination!" I snapped, as there was the boom of shotgun fire behind me.

This was gonna be a good one, and probably my longest chapter yet. I had to include a lot more people in it though, but how am I gonna do that?

Thunder boomed outside, and a bright streak of lightening shot down from the sky outside. It was gonna be a stormy night. I hope it won't keep me up though, as I'm so tired. I can't fall asleep though, not until I have...these ideas...down...

                                  *     *     *     *     *     *

Thunder boomed loudly overhead, as loud as gunfire, jolting me awake. Aw no, I'd fallen asleep, and all those ideas were gone, to be replaced with the remnants of the world's strangest dream.

"Ugh, Adam? Must find Adam?" I groaned, not completely with it. My laptop screen blared in front of me; all the images blurry on the screen. "Find Adam...need help though. Can't go alone." I moaned, pushing my laptop off my legs and getting up off my bed.

Call it intuition, but there was a link. A strong one. "Lia?...cookie-lover Lia...Roar? No, Rawrz!...Kameka...and Robin? No, another red bird...not just red, scarlet...Scarlet Lark! Something about Larky." I murmured, as lightening flashed behind me.

"Lightening...Death Is A Flash Of Lightening! I wish that book would be more than a title, but that'll never be." I sighed, remembering the anticipation, then being shot down, exactly like I was in my current movella, but less painful.

My laptop shone bright in the darkness, so strange shadows played on the wall. A witch crouching over a cauldron, a bat flying in to bite, and a demon ready to jump down my throat and possess me. Shuddering, I went to check my laptop, and saw the time change.

Oct 31st, 00:00 it read. Halloween. I don't believe in superstition though, so it's just coincidence.

Lightening came flashing right outside my window, shaking me to the core. Though it had been for just a second, I swear I could have read words in it.

Insanity is a Kool and Kreative thing.

OK, scratch the coincidence. Something had happened, and I had to go and find out.

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