When two Movellians receive prophetic dreams about the future of their writing community, they are plunged into a dangerous adventure in the middle of the spookiest, most superstitious day of the year: Halloween.
This brand new story is brought to you by the author of Codename: Fanfics and Child of the Seas.
Be prepared, Movellas...
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5. The Nightmare Pit

A spiral. It was a spiral. And I was falling down.

Down, down, down. Past the shrieks and cackles of nightmarish creatures. Past broken dreams and objects lost so long ago they weren't even memories anymore. A teddy bear, its face twisted into a ghastly sneer. A book, its yellowed pages sprouting nauseating images. A person twisted inside out. Animals with missing body parts. I shut my eyes as the book tumbled over me, brushing my hair.

It was so horrendous, I was almost happy to hit the ground.


I slammed into a ledge about five feet from the ground. Winded, I rolled over until I fell off the ledge and hit the floor.

I lay there, panting, on my back, for a few moments. I could see the height of the pit I had falled into. It was massive. It was probably as tall as the Empire State Building--maybe even taller--and at least as wide as a football pitch or two. Creatures flitted in and out of caves on its sides. I saw red and amber eyes glaring at me twenty or so feet up. And all around the giant, cylinder-shaped pit, the broken dreams fluttered.

I pushed myself into a sitting position, shivering as I did so. My ribs protested painfully, and my arm shot out from under me. I gave a little gasp as my back hit the floor again.

Come on, Kameka, I told myself angrily. Don't be such a wimp. You can do it!

Shaking and sweating, and ignoring the pain in my chest, I slowly pushed myself up, first into a sitting position, then onto my feet. I steadied myself on the ledge next to me, the one I had fallen off previously. Breathing hard, I tried to get a grip on my situation.

So, I was stuck in a crater full of monsters and evil teddy bears. And my ribs were probably broken. Big deal. There must be a way out. I'd just have to find it. Then I could go back home like nothing had happened.

I winced, and rubbed my forehead, which was smarting with pain. What HAD happened? I had been trick or treating, and then...

BOOM! Like the flash of lightning it had started with, it all came back to me. The dream, Katie being frozen, the witch-decoration... I fell heavily onto the ledge, tears dripping onto my cheeks. What was happening to me?

Schluck. My hand, steadying myself on the wall of the pit, touched something thick and slimy. I quickly drew my hand back, and inspected the mess. It was a dark green, with brown bits in it. Maybe it was alive. I choked back bile and scraped what I had touched of the mess off my hand and onto the ledge.

That was when I realized: the ledge was simply coated with the stuff. In fact, I think it had been its spongyness that saved my life when I had fallen onto the ledge. I leaned over and cautiously poked the mess with my finger.

Suddenly, a shadow fell over me, and I looked up, terrified... only to see that the shadow had been caused by...

A falling body.

Belonging to a girl.

A dead girl? No.

An unconscious girl, who looked a lot like--

She was in my dream! It's LMH! My mind went into overdrive. I tried to figure out why we had both fallen down this pit. What are we supposed to do? Is someone just trying to get rid of us?

Then I realized: LMH hadn't fallen down the pit yet. She was still falling. And if she didn't hit the ledge... she would die.

Panicking, I scrambled up huge armfuls of the green stuff and tried to estimate where LMH would land. There! I chose a spot and ran back and forth, carrying goo. I held my breath, and ran faster and faster, as LMH's falling body came closer and closer.

Plop! LMH hit the pile of green goo. I sighed in relief. She was alive. So was I.

At least for now.

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