When two Movellians receive prophetic dreams about the future of their writing community, they are plunged into a dangerous adventure in the middle of the spookiest, most superstitious day of the year: Halloween.
This brand new story is brought to you by the author of Codename: Fanfics and Child of the Seas.
Be prepared, Movellas...
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4. Creature Of The Ouija

"You wouldn't dare use that thing, would you?" Asked my friend Yakira, staring at the box with wide eyes. The huge, sky-blue eye on the front clued her in to what it contained.

"Duh, of course I am! I wouldn't have bothered nicking it off my Dad if I wasn't gonna use it." I replied, taking the packaging off the Ouija board, and laying it flat on the table.

"Well you can count me out. If a teacher catches us, we're gonna be in so much trouble. Plus, those things are dangerous. You shouldn't be fooling around with them." Added another friend of mine, Emma.

"Oh, quit worrying. What's the worst that could happen?" I replied, laying the pointer in the middle of the board.

"We could get detention."

"Pur-lease. Wait...do you hear that?" I paused, holding my hand up to my ear. "Cluck-awk! Cluck, cluck, cluck. Chicken." I clucked, flapping my arms like wings.

Emma frowned at me, clearly not impressed with my chicken impression. "Fine, but if we end up in trouble, you're on your own."

Yeah, like I'm gonna end up in trouble. It's not a crime to have a laugh with the dead. Carefully, I placed my index finger on the pointer, and waited for the go-ahead.

"Is there anybody there?" I asked, lowering my voice to make it sound creepier.

Sure enough, with a dull scraping, the cool, oak pointer drifted up the board and settled down. The glass window firmly over the YES.

"Bryony, that was totally you who moved it." Yakira snapped, taking her hand off the pointer in fear. I admit, I moved my hand too, but that's only because the pointer was buzzing with power.

"I didn't move it. If I did, my finger would have wrinkled up." I replied.

"Well try again then. Ask something else." Emma added, as we put our fingers back on the pointer.

"Are you a spirit?" I asked.

Slowly, the pointer moved carefully across the surface of the board, before landing right on NO. That was worrying. If it's not a spirit, then what else could it be?

"Are you a demon?" I asked, as the pointer began moving again. It spun around in a lazy circle, before landing on NO again.

"What the hell is going on?" I asked, as the pointer crawled down to the letters.

"Y...O...U...space...K...N...O...W...space...W...H...A...T...space...H...O...L...L...Y...W...O...O...D" It read, as the pointer twirled and glided around the board, similar to how the contestants on Strictly Come Dancing do.

"Okay, I want to stop doing this now." I replied, getting to my feet. Yakira and Emma were still at the board, with their fingers frozen in place. The pointer had slipped out from underneath, and had spun to face me.

"Girls...are you...oh hell!" I gasped, noticing they were frozen in place. Their eyes stared outwards, glassy and unblinking, like on those creepy-as china dolls.

"H...O...L...L...Y...W...O...O..D...space...Y...O...U...space...M...U...S...T...space...D...I...E" The pointer spelled, as I noticed the eye in the middle change colour. It was sky blue, but now it was jade green, exactly like mine.

There was a whoosh of flame, a crash of lightening, and I felt myself tumbling through oblivion. Plunging down,



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