Sweetest Revenge

I want to clear things up by saying that I never wanted this life. Most times people think they become who they are because there's always a part of them—their darkest part, that made them that way.
I never had a dark spot in me. I was innocent, I was loved and I had a shining future ahead.
But then Fate must have PMS’d all over my life and, well, I was stuck in a world I didn’t belong in and thirsty for revenge. I watched everyone I love die—figuratively and literally. But I had made a few pacts over their memories. If you’ve ever lost anyone, you would understand the need for closure, revenge. I knew I couldn’t die without my vengeance, and those pacts had sealed my future, a future dedicated to my family.


1. Sweetest Revenge


Sweetest Revenge: 4x01 TVD

I want to clear things up by saying that I never wanted this life. Most times people think they become who they are because there was always a part of them—their darkest part, that made them end up that way.

I never had a dark spot in me. I was innocent, I was loved and I had a shining future ahead.

But then Fate must have PMS'd all over my life and, well, I was stuck in a world I didn't belong in and thirsty for revenge. I watched everyone I love die—figuratively and literally. But I had made a few pacts over their memories. If you've ever lost anyone, you would understand the need for closure, revenge. I knew I couldn't die without my vengeance, and those pacts had sealed my future, a future dedicated to my family.

"Where is he?"

It had taken me hours to get here, to this point. I still didn't quite know where I was—but I knew who I was looking for.

"Where's Klaus?"

Four people stared back at me. With energy running in my veins, I identified them quickly. A witch, a vampire, a human, and a hybrid. I wondered whether the hybrid would know where Klaus was, if he was so close to him. I wondered why the hell a human was in a basement with serious witch energy and three other non-humans.

Technically, I was human too. But I had connections to the vamp world—connections a certain Hybrid had claimed he would cut, but that was before he killed my family and sealed my place in the world.

I turned away from them and looked around the basement in agitation.

"Klaus! You can come out. I'm not leaving here and there's only one exit!"

A thousand voices slammed into me and rocked me on my feet. They screeched and hissed at me to get out, and I didn't just hear them; I could feel them, and understand what they were saying even if all voices were saying something different.

They all wanted me out—to go back to where I came from.

I put a hand to my head and winced. I couldn't deal with witches. Their powers pricked and jabbed me.

"Not the right time, Isabella," The hybrid in front of me spoke sharply and took a step toward me. The voices abated but the violence in the air did not.

"Who the hell are you?" I demanded, wondering how he knew my name.

"I'm Klaus." He growled, clearly displeased with his current form. I frowned before moving on, remembering how he changed forms when he needed to. "Now what are you doing here? I'm busy."

"I couldn't care less. We had a deal and you broke it."

"What the hell are you talking about?" He crossed his arms—or whoever's arms they were—over the chest of the body he was taking over.

"You guaranteed protection for my family," My voice was a low growl. "They've been taken."

His lips parted in surprise before he covered up the expression.

"Well, I've been a little busy," he shot a dark look at the witch, who had her head turned away from him but looking down as if he was the lowest scum of the earth. He had that effect on the good witches.

"Well, we didn't agree over you only protecting my family when you're not 'busy.'" I spat. "We agreed you would guarantee protection over my family. You gave me your word."

He couldn't argue with that, but he was already shaking his head in denial.

"There's nothing I can do in this body," He spat and looked down at the body as he said it. "And—ah, it's not my problem!" He raised his voice over the last part as he realized he was wasting time.

"The hell it's not!" I clenched my fists. "You gave me your word! You told me your word was as sure as your existence!"

He growled in impatience then stared down at me in annoyance.

"Your family are natural victims, Isabella. It was only inevitable they would be put in harm again. Really, what did you expect? Everything would be safe and good—"

People say when violence takes over, they move so fast they can't comprehend what they're doing—what they've done until it's too late.

I didn't work that way.

I lunged at him and he was against the wall in the next moment, under my arm. I relished in every movement I made that allowed me to get back into action, and I didn't hold back.

He was weaker in this form and I was stronger—from the little meal I had earlier before coming here. He knew it too; that if we fought now, I had an even chance.

"Let go." He growled. "Now,"

"Do not talk of my family as if you know them."

"Maybe I don't know your family—but I've known them in ways you never will. I've heard them scream and writhe in blood and pain and beg for the torture to end—"

My violence took over again and I punched him hard in the nose. Behind me, the vampire girl cried out and screamed something—for us to stop, maybe, as Klaus pushed me away and allowed his nose to heal.

I was snarling. There was a rage, a bloodlust inside me—for his blood. I wanted to see him writhe for filling those pictures in my mind. I wanted to tear him apart.

"You do not—"my voice was shaking with rage. I couldn't get the words out right. He would die. Fuck serving revenge cold. He was roaring too—and then a white heat blared through my skull and I was bending over, hands on my knees. His fists were raised and he was about to hit me, before at last moment he seemed to remember I was human and stopped himself. "Hit me," I snarled at him and straightened. My fist flew out and I punched him over and over, until he was winded. "Hit me!" I leaned back and stopped. I wanted more, more fighting, more power.

"You want a fight?" His fist lashed out and half a dozen blows whacked me in the ribs and my head. I doubled over, my ribs cracking loudly as they healed and shifted back into place.

I tripped him while I was still down and pushed him to the floor. He was back on his feet and my nose was healing and bleeding from a rapid fire punch he'd thrown at me. I punched him in the ear harder, and blood spurted. He reeled sideways, staggering. He healed and I watched before he shattered my knee and I groaned, landing hard on the floor. He straddled me and punched my sides—then he was stuck in a man sized hole in the wall of the basement.

And I flew back into the opposite side, creating a smaller hole in the wall and a dozen melted candles fell around me as I slumped.

"Stop it!" The witches voice rang out with power and I was rooted to my spot, glaring at Klaus. Unlike me, he was immensely satisfied, like he had been waiting to beat me for months and only now had the chance. I wanted more.

"I say when we're done!" I roared, but I couldn't move. The witch shivered at the madness, the fury in my voice—I heard it as much as everyone else—but didn't release me.

Everyone began to talk at once, and it was like the witches, only there was no power.

"Everyone shut up!" My command tore from my throat and pushed into every corner, crack and crevice of this basement, urging everyone to obey. The reactions were all the same; instantaneous and simultaneous, silent. Klaus stared hard at me, narrowing the body's eyes. I knew what he was thinking, and I decided to deal with the repercussions later. "I am not here to talk to all of you." I stared hard at the witch, vampire and human. "I'm not going to harm anyone. I just—"

The compulsion wore off as it was, even for the human. They all immediately started talking again. I wondered how it was possible for three of them to make so much noise.

Klaus and I communicated with our eyes, because the witch still hadn't released us.

You said nothing of this to me? His eyes were hard and dangerous.

I'm not here to talk about me, I replied. We had been doing it for a while, but he never mentioned it out loud. Most times I insulted him with my eyes, to which he couldn't help but reciprocate to.

You have to tell me if you want me to save your family, his eyes said. I shot him a disbelieving glance.

Save them first, I demanded.

Tell me first.

Not a chance in hell, I bared my teeth.

Then you're not getting my help, he shrugged and kept his eyes on me. I gritted my teeth.

Then you've just lost your secret weapon, I told him.

Rage took over his features and he growled loudly. I lost nothing—

I looked away in the middle of his sentence, blowing him off. He growled louder, and I noticed the witch giving us a hard look. She was wearing away at the edges. Holding us must be taking a lot of her power.

She dropped us both at the same time as though she read my mind and realized she was weakening.

"Butt out," I snapped at her. "It's between me and him."

"I'm not going to let you ruin the basement for your feud,"

Loud, clomping footsteps interrupted my words and made me turn as Carlo entered. The look on Klaus's—er, the body's face, was murderous and he turned to send me an accusatory glare. I pointedly rose my eyebrows at Carlo, ignoring Klaus.

"I found them," He shot Klaus a fleeting look but otherwise kept his gaze on me. "I think they're being used as bait."

"That's ridiculous," I scoffed. He tilted his head and crossed his arms. "Why would anyone use them as bait?"

"Maybe to bait you in," Klaus remarked dryly, sending me a look of white hot fury. He was trying to catch my gaze. I was trying to avoid his.

"That would be most likely," Carlo agreed. "We should go when they least expect it," he nodded toward the staircase and began walking up.

"You're working with Carlo?" Klaus demanded. I shot him a frosty look, noting the rage behind his eyes. I knew if he was in his own body his face would be expressionless.

"I work with no one." I snapped.

"He could take advantage of you in a second," Klaus hissed and took a step forward.

"Oh, because you haven't?" I paused at the staircase and folded my arms over my chest. "I have my own agenda. Screw you."

I paused once more to look at everyone in the basement. I had a fleeting horror as I realized I had revealed too much about myself—before I shook the thought away. I couldn't care less what these people thought of me. What mattered was my family.

I walked back up the stairs without another look behind me.

They say you start living life when you step out of your comfort zone.

And when you start living your life, it's like a wake-up call. You don't think about what you used to—you change.

What would I know of life? I'm a 23 year old girl—almost, in two weeks, and I've been hopping from city to city and states around America. But I've matured in the past 2 years more than I could ever have thought.

Losing everyone you love will do that to you.

I suppose it would make more sense to start my story from the beginning—not from when I was born, but from the moment I started losing everything.

It didn't quite work that way. You'll have to take my word when I say that I was born a normal girl, with a loving family, regular ambitions. I didn't mean to become like this. I wasn't born into this life like others were. That's where my story differs. I did not know what I was—or rather, who I was.

My story is not told in light.

I didn't step out of my comfort zone. I had been thrust out of it with a severe wake up call. My whole life had been spent smelling roses and surrounded by a loving family. Suddenly I was smelling blood and seeing vampires, watching my family die, running for my life and selfishly, leaving my brothers behind.

I had left my brothers behind, and that was my first mistake of life—the first huge mistake that led me to this life and the end of theirs.

We were all too young to wake up and see dead bodies in our living room—the dead bodies of our parents. We never moved on. I carried them with me every moment of my life. I saw their disapproval or pride and imagined what they'd say to me. At the end of the day, when I ran out of things to do or I was helpless, everything went back to them and getting my revenge.

The most pressing question had been, why them? And the answer was simple; because of me.

I was the girl who laughed at Buffy the Vampire Slayer and took nothing seriously. The worst horrors in my life before my parents were killed were unexpected maths tests or a double period of gym.

Now? I had seen torture and watched innocent people be murdered. My will to live had shattered a long time ago, my humanity died with the first taste of power.

I was born a human with a dark power. I was never supposed to discover it. It was not one of a kind, but it was rare. I had been tracked down and my family had paid the price. A certain Hybrid had turned my brothers into vampires—my kid brothers. And I would avenge my brothers lives, but first I'd have to avenge my parents. I had a thorough agenda. I would kill Klaus, and when I found out who had killed my parents, I would watch them suffer, human or vampire. I would get my brothers through this—maybe have them somehow turned back into humans, as impossible as it sounded.

But it was all temporary. One day I'd forget this pain. One day I'll be happy and my brothers would be fixed and I'd have my revenge. I would move on with my life. I would live through Mystic Falls—and that hope was the only thing that kept me going, the only thing that woke me up in the morning.

Because every day I open my eyes and remember my family, I knew I would do anything for that life back. I would do anything for the closure I needed, and I would do anything just to keep breathing.

But it wasn't exactly death that was the hard part. It was coming back to life that sucked.

Let me know what you think :) I'll be putting up a new chapter soon and my story line will be going along the TV show.

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