Sweetest Revenge

I want to clear things up by saying that I never wanted this life. Most times people think they become who they are because there's always a part of them—their darkest part, that made them that way.
I never had a dark spot in me. I was innocent, I was loved and I had a shining future ahead.
But then Fate must have PMS’d all over my life and, well, I was stuck in a world I didn’t belong in and thirsty for revenge. I watched everyone I love die—figuratively and literally. But I had made a few pacts over their memories. If you’ve ever lost anyone, you would understand the need for closure, revenge. I knew I couldn’t die without my vengeance, and those pacts had sealed my future, a future dedicated to my family.


2. Chapter Two


"How'd you know where I was?" I asked Carlo when I reached the top. My words met air. Closing the door behind me, I frowned and turned around, looking for him. "Carlo?"

I found him leaning against his motorbike near my car. I flicked a twig off the top of it as I asked him again.

He watched me with narrowed eyes.

"Does it matter?" You couldn't get vaguer than that. I shot him an exasperated look, but seemingly all the men in my life were the same—they got nothing in their heads if they were preoccupied.

Carlo was glaring holes into me, looking up and down, analysing. I stepped away from my car and crossed my arms, narrowed my eyes, and waited for the berating.

"Do you have to pick a fight with him every time you see him?"

I rolled my eyes. Typical.

"Oh, come on. He was asking for it. You should have seen it—he was totally egging me on!"

"You were enjoying it." He said, deadpan. I shot him a look of disbelief and voiced my thoughts.

"Are you insane? Of course I was enjoying it. That bastard had it coming since day one—"

"No, according to you, he had it coming since he overtook you in your last feud."

"That—that was different." I snapped. "I was inexperienced—"

"And you still are." He said tightly. "Now, do you want your brothers back?" I glared at him for his method of ending the conversation. He took my silence as an affirmative. "They're being held at a barn with a few other vampires. The pastor has them in his custody—"

"Custody?" I repeated incredulously. "What, they're having a tea party with blood spiked drinks?"

Carlo shot me a dark look. He hated being interrupted.

"He has guards watching them. The Hybrid's sister has been caught too," He gestured sharply back to the house, referring to Klaus's sister Rebekah. He nodded to my car. "Get in and drive. We're going to the barn at nightfall. I'll call you before I pick you up."

Which could only mean we were taking his Ducati, surprisingly. He usually only used it for quick trips and not rescue missions.

"Shouldn't we take my Maybach?" I asked, running a hand over the door. "I should be carrying—"

"No weaponry, Isabella. I'll be taking care of the humans while you get your family."

"How will I get my brothers home?"

He shot me an almost-smile before getting on his bike and riding off.

I tried not to dwell too much on what 'taking care' might mean. Carlo would do his job and I mine. But I couldn't help thinking of their families, if they had any.

I ignored those thoughts. The only thing I would be worrying about was running with my brothers back home, evidently that would be the only way to go home as some sort of twisted training session from Carlo.

He never outright said I needed to improve my strength, I mused in my head.

I drove back to my apartment and got ready for the night ahead.

Night did not fall—it slammed down on me. Carlo gave me a missed call and I was outside in the next second, the freezing air seeped through my tights and my bare arms through my tank as we screamed past air along the road. At sharp corners I could feel him grow more agitated as I clutched at his shoulders.

His motorbike was quieter than most. We barely made a sound as he halted beside a '67 blue Chevy Camaro. I tilted my head as I got off, realizing we wouldn't have made so much noise anyway if Carlo's bike was the loudest, roaring machine.

It was a farm type house, secluded area, quiet, sweet.

There was a vampire—dressed in all black, big surprise there—stabbing the end of a rifle into a guards chest. I winced at the strangled noise he made before he went down and looked toward Carlo, unsure of what to make of it. He paid no attention to the vampire, but the vampire had turned and was shooting us suspicious glares, feet away from the body he had just dropped roughly.

"I don't think you need to worry about the guards." Carlo said tightly.

"Who the hell are you?" The vampire demanded. I shot Carlo an uncertain glance. He let out a small sigh and got off the bike, shooting me a dark look.

"Try not to get any trouble," He warned/challenged before he took off in the direction of the barn.

The vampire stared at me. I met his gaze with a sharp one of my own, not backing down, and crossed my arms for good measure.

He looked ready to laugh his ass off at the human girl indirectly challenging him. I darted a look at the barn, wondering if I should follow Carlo.

"Nice bike," He said at the last second.

"Nice car." I snapped it like an insult, which was stupid because it wasn't. Feeling threatened really brought out the worst in me.

His blood stained teeth flashed in the dark as he smiled wryly.

"You smell weird." His smile disappeared and his eyes narrowed. "Like..."

"Time to go." Carlo appeared beside me and the vampire blinked in surprise. I had tensed and crouched infinitesimally, bracing for attack, before I realized my brothers standing behind him looking violated.

"What took you so long?" My youngest brother spat the words like an accusation and glared at me.

I was used to them being angry. I have three brothers—all of them younger than me. I used to have five...

The three that were left all stared at me with accusation/worry/sadness/disappointment/fear in their eyes. One look from Carlo and their gazes scattered left and right. They feared him more than anyone or anything else—even more than Klaus.

"I told you they'd come," Jared muttered under his breath, the oldest at 13. He was also the most mature—but by no means less savage when it came to bloodlust.

"She didn't have to bring... him." Micah, the youngest at 8, whispered back, all accusation gone from his tone and replaced with awareness and fear. He shot a fleeting look at Carlo before looking back at Jared and leaning against him.

Carlo was staring at the vampire with narrowed eyes before he looked back to me.

"Be ready tomorrow." He said to me before getting on his bike again. The Ducati purred to life and my brothers moved back as he turned and screeched past us to the main road.

My brothers exploded into emotion.

"But how do we get home?" Micah cried in despair, watching the bike get smaller and smaller.

"We're running," Alex muttered bitterly. He was ten and barely Jared's height, and not much taller than Micah.

"You left us!" Micah turned the accusation back on me. "They shot us and we were bleeding. It hurt!" Micah's eyes filled with tears. "Why did you leave us again?"

I crouched in front of him and put my hands on his shoulders.

"Micah," I began firmly, "I was getting you a soda. One that you wouldn't stop crying about. So don't pretend it was my entire fault when there was nothing I could have done to stop it."

Micah transformed and growled, eyes filling with blood. He snarled and launched himself at my neck—but I kept a firm grip on his shoulders and kept him at bay. Jared cursed under his breath and caught Micah's blood splattered collar.

"Brat," Jared snapped. "Quit it."

"You let them take us!" Micah snarled and pushed forward. Alex caught hold of his arms and twisted them. In a second, the snarling, blood thirsty little boy was gone and replaced with the sniffling eight year old staring in fear, rearing back from us. "I'm sorry." He tucked his chin to his chest and sobbed.

I straightened and sighed, before catching sight of the vampire—staring at us.

He was frowning, tilting his head to the side a little in confusion. I knew where his confusion came from. It was unusual for kids to be vampires. No one would be stupid enough to turn them—except for Klaus. Most vampires were more than surprised at the sight of my brothers—like they had never thought of children being vampires in the first place.

My tolerance vanished and I glared at the vampire.

"Can you fucking mind your own business?" I snapped.

Micah hissed, "Isabella swore," and collapsed into giggles, tears forgotten.

I turned to glare at them in a way to tell them to shut up, and when I looked up, the vampire was gone.

My brothers weren't tired from the run—they were exhausted from the day altogether. They immediately dropped in various places of the apartment as I let them in, Micah on the ottoman, Jared on the couch and Alex in the armchair.

I avoided looking at them as I cleared the lounge, still breathing heavily from the run. Sweat soaked my tank.

On more occasions than once I heard the Ducati looping back, purring into the night as we ran through the forest. Carlo had been as subtle as possible, watching us through the trees, and only when I saw the apartment complex did he leave.

My phone was vibrating against the table roughly. The number claimed to be Unknown—but I knew it was Klaus.

"Did you get your sister back?" I said by way of answering as I shut myself in my room.

An organized mess met my eyes and a growl of annoyance met my ears.

"Why are you working with Carlo?"

"Carlo and I have come to an agreement—which fascinatingly doesn't involve you, unlike the rest of Mystic Falls."

Tragic, really. My whole plan was based on my revenge on Klaus, so ultimately it practically revolved around him.

"You're lying. Carlo's wielding you like a puppet."

"What do you care for how he's treating me?" I inquired curiously. "You did the same thing to me."

"But you knew. You're too busy romanticizing Carlo to see anything,"

"I romanticize no one; make no mistake in seeing that." I warned. "Carlo put me first and you put your priorities before me. I know where I stand. Make your choice before you demand anything of me."

"I'm not demanding anything. I—"

"You were not my first choice in protecting my brothers, Klaus. I came to you today to see where your loyalties truly lay—be it with me or the word you gave me. I've made my choice and realized your word means little more than the lies you feed everyone around you on a daily basis."

"I've never lied to you." He said sharply—but I caught a note of a plea behind his voice. I couldn't help the sly smile that spread across my face. "If there's one thing you can trust, it's that I've never been anything but honest with you."

"You have conveniently forgotten to tell me a few key points. And you underestimate my ability to see through your lies."

"I forget nothing. I omit."

"And evade."

"But I won't anymore. Anything you want to know, I'll tell you."

"And how do I know if you're serious?" I questioned.

I knew I should stop baiting him. A few more seconds of this and he'd be resort to taking what he wanted rather than asking for it. "Okay, Klaus. If you want me to do you a favour, you'll have to do one for me."

And the change in his demeanour was remarkable. One second, he was almost grovelling, and now...

"What kind of favour are we talking about here?" He asked defensively, closed off. There was a pause, then his silky voice came through, "Unless..."

"Not what you're thinking," I growled. "I'll hold you to it. And if you can't help me, I won't help you."

"I'm not that kind of person to drop everything—"

"Then you're not the kind of person I'd work with." I cut him off and spoke slowly. I knew the message had sunk in at the tone of his voice when he agreed.

"One more thing, Isabella." His voice made me put the phone back to my ear. He went on as though he was sure I was listening. "Don't be such a sore loser next time."

"Oh, please, Klaus. You know I delivered the final blow." I hung up before he could object.



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