Sweetest Revenge

I want to clear things up by saying that I never wanted this life. Most times people think they become who they are because there's always a part of them—their darkest part, that made them that way.
I never had a dark spot in me. I was innocent, I was loved and I had a shining future ahead.
But then Fate must have PMS’d all over my life and, well, I was stuck in a world I didn’t belong in and thirsty for revenge. I watched everyone I love die—figuratively and literally. But I had made a few pacts over their memories. If you’ve ever lost anyone, you would understand the need for closure, revenge. I knew I couldn’t die without my vengeance, and those pacts had sealed my future, a future dedicated to my family.


3. Chapter Three


When I was a little girl, I believed everything I did was supported by my family.

The feeling of being immune and invincible to bullies and hostility... it outweighed any insignificant emotion such as sadness or embarrassment.

I had brothers. 5 of them, and I was the only girl. Why worry about something as insignificant as my safety when they would ensure it? My three younger brothers wouldn't have been able to help in any way then, but my two older brothers had shut down every wrong look a person gave me with a look of their own.

If I could change anything of my childhood, it would be that. The false sense of security.

But that was the wrong way to put it. The security was not false. My brothers would have saved me from anything—in their power—and while they might not have paid too much attention to my emotions, they certainly made up for it in terms of my well-being.

What more could a girl want? I had a family, brothers who loved me and cared for me, a set path in my life. I could mess up a thousand times over and it wouldn't matter if I had a family to come home to, to see them look at me— even while disappointed—with love.

I would kill for that life again.

That wasn't even an over-statement. I would literally kill for it, because I have known more sadness and desperation—devastation in these past two years than I have ever supposed to have known. My security and protection shattered with shots of a gun. Four shots, to be exact. And three more brought down the lives of my younger brothers while I ran like the foolish, insecure mess of a girl I was.

"I'm not that girl anymore." I growled. I turned and slammed the wall with my fist and a moment of white pain blinded me before my wrist and knuckles healed.

"The punching bag is up there for a reason." Carlo said from behind me.

I whirled on him in fury.

"I don't—"

I cut myself off with a bite of my lip and took control. Some days my emotions took over. There was a time when I was ruled by them—and now I suppressed them and they felt almost alien.

"What was it you wanted today?" I asked and slipped off the gloves over my knuckles. Carlo stood in the doorway, his face blank.

I didn't exactly know what Carlo was... if he was a warlock, or like me in the sense that he's 'gifted' with no certainty of power—except Carlo was always powerful and always will be. My power depended on a certain activation.

He must be European. He had tanned skin, dark, green/blue eyes that always seemed to shift, and he was tall and well built. His expression always bordered on arrogance.

He also never gave anything about himself away.

"I assume you've heard about the blast that killed almost all the council members?"

I kept my expression impassive, although I was thinking... how convenient that is for me.

"There were survivors?" I asked. He shook his head once.

"Not all council members attended. Everyone who was involved in the capturing of the vampires was killed." He paused and gave me a look. "Don't look so satisfied, Isabella. They were people."

I gritted my teeth and held his gaze. I thought I was getting better at keeping my emotions from my face. To be fair, Carlo hardly cared whether they were people or not. He just liked keeping me in check.

"That doesn't answer my question."

"I want you to go to the memorial today and see how many vampires there are in town."

I thought back to the vampire who watched my brothers and me last night. In all honesty, the only time I wanted to see him again is if he was dead. He had seen my brothers and me at a bad time—he saw just how much a part of my life they were as vampires. If anything Carlo had told me that had sunk in, it was that; that no one was supposed to know just how important they were in my life. It was a weakness, and the pastor had already seen that. To bait me in, he used my brothers. Maybe that vampire would decide to try to make a meal out of me, only to use my brothers as bait.

That wouldn't happen. I'm stronger now.

"Also, Isabella," I hadn't noticed he turned to leave until he looked back. "Try to keep the late night chats with Klaus to a minimum."

I was definitely having a harder time at keeping my emotions off my face. I blushed and wanted to slap myself, because aside from the smallest innuendo Klaus had made, there was absolutely nothing sexual about that call, and the look Carlo was giving me suggested that was the only thing we had talked about.

So I stood there, blushing and glaring at his back as he walked away, larger than life.

The days during my brothers transitions were my darkest.

They defined me. They were the up there among my most terrifying of days, and that was no over statement either.

I said before that vampires were generally surprised at seeing children be vampires. It takes no genius to put it together; a child's body is not built to survive that kind of change—but vampires are vampires, and few things or people can kill them.

So my brothers suffered and I could do nothing but watch.

Their bodies shut down, they rejected all blood sources. I mourned them with every passing second. Their suffering had shattered my will to live.

Micah had almost 24 seizures in a day—every hour. There would be a horrible two minutes where he would turn blue, go still and stiff in my arms and I screamed because I could do nothing to stop it. There was no human doctor that could help me, and no one to comfort me. The only person who had remotely any idea of what I was going through was Klaus—who also conveniently did nothing but stand in the doorway, brooding and looking troubled. I had mourned my brother 24 times over in a day, thinking that it was finally the end—and he looked troubled.

Alex had a fever for weeks. His temperature shot and cooled, one minute he was sweating and the next turning blue from the cold. He had horrible mood swings and went in a rage so often Klaus had to inject him with vervain just to knock him out so he wouldn't hurt us. He practically developed a tolerance for it.

And Jared had it the easiest—he had starved, and no food could be kept down. None of them were accepting any blood.

I don't like to go down memory lane—so I'll get straight to the point.

The girl in front of the crowd was in transition and there was no question about it. I had seen many transitions and she was losing control. She breathed shakily into the microphone and sweat trickled down her forehead. It reminded me of when I asked Jared a deep question while he was sick and he would lose all thoughts—he would look at me as if he couldn't remember what he was doing, and he couldn't remember who I was.

Because the only thing on his mind was the blood.

And blood it was—in this room. It saturated the air and humans were oblivious.

Admittedly I was weaker. The power was leaving my system—gradually, but still leaving. I severely doubted my brothers would lend me a hand after locking them at the apartment today, which could only leave Klaus and the favour he owed me...

I shook my head and mentally added another face to the list of vampires in my mind.

The man from yesterday had given me what suspiciously looked like a warning glare when he entered, a devilish smile on his face, which promptly turned to concern, then confusion at the sight of the girl in front of the crowd.

I was a few rows directly in front of one of the vampires, and the man stood beside him after narrowing his eyes at me.

The girl, who had almost been struggling not to breath, gasped a little as a whisper of a word fell to the air.


A single drop of blood to the bowl of water. The man from last night said, "Nobody move. Don't turn around, it's a trap."

Well he was smart, I'd give him that. But a trap from whom? Were there actual vampire hunters in this town? Ones that didn't work with the council?

My mind spun at a million different scenarios. If there was a vampire hunter here, he'd be working against the council—or solely. No council member would launch an attack on vampires in the middle of a memorial.

Unless that vampire hunter was only trying to identify the vampires in the town.

Why go to such lengths when there were other ways to find out?

Wait, it might not even be a vampire hunter. Maybe someone just had an accident and cut themselves carelessly and the blood still stuck to the air.

But that wouldn't explain why the vampire from yesterday claimed it was a trap. I knew a sharp man when I saw one, and he didn't seem to be the overly cautious type at all. If he thought there was a trap, I was willing to bet there was one.

"I... um..."

The girl was still at the front, grasping the sides of the podium as though trying to control herself.

And then the boy vampire came. Stefan Salvatore.

I sat back and watched the scene with a grim sense of humour. Benevolence was not in a vampire's emotional capability, most of the time, but here the boy was, leading his— most likely— girlfriend off the stage with an arm around her, pretending she was upset.

The last time I had seen Stefan Salvatore was in Chicago, when he was slurping up some girl in his lap and Klaus made violent motions in the air for me to get the hell out of the warehouse before Stefan saw me. I wasn't surprised at the change. If anyone saw me a month ago, I'd have been pretty different too.

The hymn began and I mouthed the words as I listened to their frantic conversation.

This was not supposed to be part of my day, but I couldn't resist not listening.

"The blood, I can smell it. There's so much!" She was saying.

"Just remember what we talked about." The boy soothed her. "Focus, push back. Come on, you can do this."

"What's wrong with her?"

There's a new voice. I angled around a little and forced my expression to be innocent as I stared at a human boy standing beside the girl. The vampire for last night—I'll have to call him Blue Eyes until I find out his name, glared sharply at me.

So there's a human boy involved. How much did he know?

The vampire boy, Stefan, said to him what was obvious to me; the girl hadn't fed and was still in transition. Clearly he knew enough.

"Get her out of here," The human boy said tightly.

"We can't, there's somebody watching us," Stefan said quietly.

"I'm gonna go rip his head off, now." Blue Eyes. He seemed to be more vampire-like than the rest of them.

"You do that Damon, and you'll risk exposing all of us."

"Well, I think the risk will be slightly diminished when I, you know, rip his head off."

"Stefan, I'm losing it!"

"You have ten seconds before I go old fashioned on the new guy."

They knew who was watching them. I stopped listening and focused on the front, because I honestly didn't care much for their vampire problems. I had my own to deal with.

So far I had counted four vampires and one hybrid. One of the vampire girls, the blond one, had been in the basement with the hybrid while Klaus had taken over his body.

The hybrid now stood in front of the crowd, and this is where everything stopped.

I followed everyone else and sat down.

"Back in first grade, I was a brat who couldn't be bothered with team sports. I didn't care much about anything that didn't affect me. But he was the one who made me understand how important it is to be part of a team, a community. Of giving yourself up for the sake of a—"

Abruptly, the gun shot rang out and he spun to the right, collapsing.

If you've heard the sound of a gun before, you'd understand that the movies and tv shows, they don't have anything to the sound of one in real life. A gunshot is barely a bang and more of a shock, and it reverberates through you, and there is a split second of silence and, more shock, before everything goes to hell.

If it is unexpected—like this one was.

Screams burst through louder than the shot and everyone stood to leave. I let them herd me out at a slower pace.

My cell phone was ringing. I dug through my purse and pulled it out, pausing by the church. Everyone was scattering. I was surprised at seeing who was calling.

"Where the fuck are you?" Carlo demanded.

"Still at the memorial. It all went awry—"

"Get the hell out of there. Do I need to spell everything out for you?" I gritted my teeth and seriously contemplated hanging up. I opened my mouth to reply but more gunshots disturbed the almost silence. "Isabella," He growled.

"Still here." I set the volume on lower and walked toward the edge of the building, catching a glimpse of a four wheel drive—without a door—drive past me.

Stefan stood over Damon and snapped out a reply I couldn't hear from the distance before striding off.

"Are you all right?" Carlo was still growling into the phone.

"Of course." I walked backwards, going out of view from the vampire. "Let me guess; you want me to interview the vampires and find out all their weaknesses."

"Bloody fucking get out of there."

"I'm completely fine. It's all safe." I said, confused now.

"I said get out of there!" He exploded. My heart jumped but I didn't, and instead closed my phone when I heard he hung up.

The vampire—Damon, stood at the side of my car. The street was completely deserted—everyone had run a while ago. He was looking at my car, my beautiful prize, like he was wondering who would leave it in their haste to get away.

I couldn't exactly blame him for those thoughts.

"Don't touch my car." I warned him.

He turned around in surprise then immediately his stare turned into a glare of annoyance—and still some surprise.

"This is your car?" He had holes in his shirt and blood stained them. "You didn't steal it, did you?"

"Judgemental much?"

His fake smile dropped and he turned to face me fully. I wondered what I was getting myself into by talking to this vampire, but I was the one who walked into Mystic Falls.

"So who are you?" He asked bluntly. I tilted my head at him in confusion.

"Does it matter?"

He went still, uncomfortable. He clearly didn't want to reveal anything, but I had learned that answering questions with questions was the only way to get answers.

"So where are the kids?" He asked. "Day care? Do they take special lunches to school?"

"Don't talk about my family." I snapped.

He did the most human thing and nodded, like he understood the sentiment. I tried not to sneer at him.

Something clicked. Stefan had called him Damon—and Klaus always used to snarl about a certain vampire brother who got in the way of his plans. His reactions were almost comical. I used to tell him that family was package deal, and if you wanted one brother as a friend, the other one would always be a part of that.

"You're the Salvatore who screwed up Klaus's plans." I stated. "The one that's... in love with his brother's girl."

My mind reeled and everything somehow pieced together. "The brother is Stefan and the girl was Elena, who's transit—" I cut myself off abruptly. I needed to get home and write all this down, sort my thoughts out.

I looked away from the ground, not realizing I had been staring at it, and snapped at Damon, "Do you mind moving?"

"What do you know about Klaus?"

From the way he was looking at me with a dangerous glint in his eyes, leaning like he wanted to attack me, I knew he hated Klaus, maybe almost as much as I did. Maybe a month ago, I would have planned an attack on Klaus with Damon, or worked with him against Klaus. My loud ringtone reminded me of what I had now that I didn't a month ago.

Damon frowned at my purse like he was wondering what kind of phone was capable of making such a noise. I grimaced as I answered it.

"Where are you?"

"Be right there. Thanks, gotta go." I hung up, leaving Carlo spluttering. "As wonderful as this chat has been, Damon, I need to leave."

I pressed the keys into my palm and waited for him to move.

He practically grimaced as he stepped away. I went through the motion of getting in my car and driving away without a second glance back.

The Salvatore's residency here could help me out a lot, it seemed. And Elena's transitioning... they were all pieces on my game board.



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