Sweetest Revenge

I want to clear things up by saying that I never wanted this life. Most times people think they become who they are because there's always a part of them—their darkest part, that made them that way.
I never had a dark spot in me. I was innocent, I was loved and I had a shining future ahead.
But then Fate must have PMS’d all over my life and, well, I was stuck in a world I didn’t belong in and thirsty for revenge. I watched everyone I love die—figuratively and literally. But I had made a few pacts over their memories. If you’ve ever lost anyone, you would understand the need for closure, revenge. I knew I couldn’t die without my vengeance, and those pacts had sealed my future, a future dedicated to my family.


5. Chapter Five


My Dad was the father of six kids. Five boys and one girl.

He certainly didn't lack in money to raise us all. He had an inheritance set up for all of us, but I had inherited everything after every last one of my family members died.

Unfortunately, the life I lived with my father was not a stern one. My father never kept us grounded for longer than a few hours. He was soft on us. We had never been yelled at by him, and the only time I had seen him get remotely angry was for business and work.

The reason for that is simple; he was a workaholic and often had to make it up to us when he didn't make it home for birthdays, or any other celebrations.

I didn't blame my father. If anything, I believed we were lucky; we got to develop our own character and not have beliefs or opinions shoved onto us.

I was upset for my brothers. Never had they been yelled at like they were hearing now.

I watched my brothers cower in the corner, desperation in their eyes to get out of here.

I understood the feeling.

"Every time I think you're getting smarter, you do something stupid!" He was almost roaring—a few times he had, before keeping himself in check. "When you came to me, you said you would do anything. For what?"

Carlo didn't ask questions, not for himself, anyway. He asked them for my benefit.

"Revenge." I said quietly.

"I didn't hear you." He barked. My blood boiled in annoyance and anger. He knew how much this provoked me.

"Revenge!" I shouted and looked up at him. His eyes were predatory, narrowed, and livid.

"Why?" His voice was tight.

"They took too much."

"And you're getting downright chatty with a hybrid. Wait, that's not it. You're hunting a Hunter. When he finds you, he will kill you. And I made it very clear."

His sentence was unfinished and he didn't need to clarify it. Repeatedly he had said if I was going to die, it would be by his own hands. I don't know if that was supposed to be reassuring... but in a way it was. Because he wouldn't let me die.

I'd just have to deal with the whole dying by his hands later, and burn that bridge when I come to it.

"I'm not sorry for what I did." I stood to meet his gaze and saw the pure irritation in his eyes. "I am my own person and I wanted to—"

"No." He cut me off bluntly. "You do not belong to yourself. You belong to revenge. You have since you watched your family die, and straying from that path will not honour them, it will only mean turning your back on your purpose. Don't give me your modern, feminism views. That is not your world anymore. I thought you understood that."

Being scolded by Carlo sucks. He has a way of phrasing things that just wake you up.

"If you die before you avenge your family, what will it mean for them?" He gestured sharply to my brothers, who all flinched as if he was about to strike at them.

I used to think it was only me who was afraid of Carlo's soft voice.

Carlo was still talking.

"You drank his blood." He had repeated it a few times over and I remembered that he didn't know I had drank from Klaus two months ago either. "I told you not to accept anything from him."

"Carlo, his blood made me stronger. Really, if it weren't for drinking it, I'd have been injured today—"

"Because of him. You never would have been risking your safety if it weren't for him." He was still angry as ever. Yelling at me probably did nothing for his rage because I didn't beg for his forgiveness. I don't know if he got off on that, but he seemed to only get angrier the more I stepped up to him.

"I got out of there in time—"

"Because of Damon Salvatore." He said his name bitterly and looked ready to sneer. "Of all people. You're with the only natural Hybrid and that bloody vampire who always gets in everyone's business."

"What's wrong with Damon Salvatore?" I asked innocently, trying to get more information. He looked like he didn't even hear my question.

"If you're going to be useful to me, you need to be alive. And healthy. So get some sleep, Isabella, and just hope that you don't get caught up in Mystic Fall's spider web. It's one fucking hell of a web to untangle."

I didn't ask what he meant. I was too wiped out. I said good night to my brothers and slept in my bedroom, knowing Carlo was pacing my apartment, wondering how to lecture me tomorrow.

"School's out!"

My brother slammed the front door behind him and embraced my mother quickly in greeting. He turned to Grant, grinning and waving his car keys in the air. "Can you believe it? Five awesome days. Claire invited me to stay at her pool house—"

"The only place you're going to is the grocery store," My mother shattered his teenage bubble and put a hand on her hip. She smiled a glittering, amused smile at him. "If we're going to be stuck in doors for the next five days, we'll need to stock up."

"Mom, we've gone a week without shopping before," I rolled my eyes. "Just because they say there's a hurricane, doesn't mean there will be one. Last time we missed out on school—"

"Missed out? You're insane." Ryan laughed as he passed me to go upstairs, ruffling my hair. "I'm going up to change, we'll talk when I get back."

"You're serious, right?" I turned to talk to mom again. "You're not really going to let him go to Claire..."

My words trailed off. Mom was gone, presumably to check on Micah and Alex. I walked toward the Games room, looking for Grant on the way. I hadn't heard him leave, either.

The Games room was empty, and no maids lingered. Frowning now, I called for her.


She wasn't downstairs. I didn't panic easily, but I did now. I ran up the stairs.

"Grant? Mom!"

I found him upstairs.

Every feeling malevolent slammed into me, rocked me on my feet, turned my stomach over, and shoved something sharp into my chest.

"You think you don't have to face me anymore."

His voice was light, familiar, lilting... serious.

"You face me every day and see me in your eyes." A pause. "In your brothers eyes..."

He turned, gesturing grandly behind him.

We were back in the Games room. Blood covered the walls, in places it shouldn't be. My brothers were slumped—handcuffed. Still bleeding. Blue. Shackles around their necks.

Micah's eyes flash open. Blood filled.

"You said you would save us."

I woke screaming, pictures of their blue bodies burned to the backs of my eyelids.

I heard a sharp knock on my door and realized Carlo must still be here. Light streamed through my window and my arm was completely numb and dully painful. When I looked at it, I realized why; it's bumpy with glass beneath the skin, because Klaus's stupid hybrid blood healed it over and Carlo was too busy yelling at me and I forgot about it.

I lunge out of bed and scream in rage, knock over my bedside lamp, watch as it shatters on the floor. Then I fix my shirt, smooth down my hair, and meet him outside.

Some days I wake with no memories of my dreams, but the taste of fear in my mouth. Today I wake with the memories and the taste in my mouth—cowardice, fear, everything I was that was useless to them. And then the rage sets in.

"You have to cut those out." Carlo said when I opened my door, gesturing to my arm. I glared at him and walked past him to the kitchen. It was his fault they got stuck in the first place.

He clearly didn't care for my anger or annoyance. He followed me to the kitchen, practically breathing down my neck. I made myself breakfast while he glared, and waited for my attention. My brothers are passed out in their bedrooms, windows shuttered in metal. With no daylight rings, they practically sleep during the day and wake at night.

"I want you to talk to Klaus today and make sure he knows that the Hunter is never to know about you." He began.

There were several things wrong with that sentence.

"The Hunter is dead, blew himself up yesterday." Aside from that, why was the Hunter never allowed to know about me? I was human technically. He couldn't kill me. And I really doubted Klaus would listen to me anyway.

"You might want to check again. Your wolf-y little boyfriend saved him. The Hunter is one of the Five—which, you conveniently failed to mention last night. That means he knows something about the Cure."

It was too early in the morning and I was hungry. I ignored the jibe and instead resumed making breakfast, which consisted of dry toast and what was left of the orange juice. I hadn't been shopping in a week.

The Cure, Carlo told me, was a secret among the Five. The Five, which Klaus had told me about a while ago, knew how to Cure vampires of their, well, vampirism. It had been a while ago, and immediately I told Carlo about the Cure, asked him to help me find it. Klaus had said that the secret died with those who knew of it; the Five had been killed. Carlo knew better.

The Cure was still around, among the Five—different ones. I didn't understand why he thought the Hunter was so dangerous at the memorial, but I do now; the Hunter wasn't something for me to face without back-up. Unlike everyone else I knew, I didn't have a huge issue with pride and I could admit that just fine.

Carlo knew the Hunter was one of the Five and must have been tracking him down. He hadn't told me, but I liked that about Carlo; he wouldn't get my hopes up until he really found the Cure. After my ecstatic response to an actual Cure being possible, he shot me down by clarifying that the Cure might require the Five themselves. He also shot down every one of my hopes with a thousand impossibilities to the Cure working that I almost lost all hope.

But I didn't need to, because Carlo had still been searching.

"Why would Klaus listen to me? The Hunter knows I saw the tattoos yesterday—"

"Fuck!" Carlo slammed a fist against the marble bench. "The tattoos. You told them you saw?"

He was angry again—or angrier than he was a moment ago. I didn't clarify; he heard what I said anyway. I knew why he was angry; I had made an impression, which made me easy to remember. "Do as I said and make sure Klaus doesn't mention you in front of him again."

He turned, preparing to leave.

"What if Klaus doesn't listen to me?" I demanded. He turned, and I saw a sardonic twist in his smile.

"If you trust him enough to drink his blood, you should trust him enough not to put you in danger."

The Hunter's trailer was in the middle of the forest, near a clearing. Neither Klaus nor the Hunter were inside—but Damon Salvatore was packing boxes of his things. I decided to warn him about the Hunter; I know just how much it sucked when someone who's supposed to be dead comes back to life, especially if they're the enemy. Besides, he saved me yesterday. I could at least thank him in a subtle way;

"He knows what you look like. I doubt you can avoid him."

Damon whirled around to face me. He was an average guy, but his confidence oozed out and made him more than that.

"What are you doing here?" He asked suspiciously. Big surprise there.

"Doesn't it get tiring, being so suspicious?" I understood it, though. I used to be suspicious. I still am, but I can sense danger easily now.

"Better to be suspicious than put under threat." He said the words like an attack, and then blinked when I raised my hands innocently.

"I'm not threatening you. Aside from that, you don't think it's a little ironic saying that, given what you're doing and where you are?"

Again, he blinked, surprised that I seemed to string a sentence together around him.

"Hey, I'm doing the guy a favour. Better to take all this stuff than for him to be labelled a nutcase."

There was a playful tone in his voice, a smile on his features. Now I blinked. Had I really just thought of him as average?

I shook my head and his smile dropped.

"He's not dead. Klaus saved him," His surprise was something to see. All expression drained from his face and there was a serious look to his eyes.

"Ah, shit." Sometimes that's all you can say. He rolled his eyes a moment later, like he thought he should have known. "So what were you doing hanging around Klaus in the first place? I wouldn't have thought he'd keep a human as a pet."

I ignored the insult and remembered what Carlo said yesterday—the bloody vampire who always gets in everyone's business.

I gave him a killer smile and said, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

He blinked again, surprised at me saying more words around him. Maybe he thought all human girls hung on his every word, that they didn't consider what he was asking and instead only thought of him being so different and confident.

Then his eyes scanned me up and down, assessing me, seeing if I really was human again. His eyes stopped on my bare arms, bumpy and still achy. I was avoiding cutting the glass out; it would take a lot of patience, blood, manoeuvring a knife around, and pain.

"It's glass," I assured him, because he was looking at me like I was a lizard or something. "My skin healed over it."

"You're just going to leave it there?" He frowned. I winced at the thought of pulling all the glass shards.

"I'll deal with it,"

I turned to leave. He called me back.

"What, you're not going to thank me for saving you?"

I didn't turn back, and called over my shoulder, "I already did."

I ran errands all day before getting a call from Klaus at around nightfall. He wanted me to come to look at something, which I knew was the Hunter and his tattoos. I had been avoiding going to Klaus, and aside from that, I had bills to pay, food shopping to do, and clothes to clean for my brothers. Not to mention getting them their blood and the hospital was on lockdown since the blood had been stolen repeatedly.

"I can't leave my brothers at night." I stole a glance at them, eating pudding cups, still on edge from Carlo yelling yesterday.

"Bring them," He offered. "Rebekah's here and they won't be in any danger."

My brother's shot me astonished looks. I turned around and bit my lip, then accepted. I'd come in, tell Klaus I couldn't be there because of the Hunter, and leave, maybe see if Klaus could give me any blood bags for the boys.

We were in the Maybach as soon as the sun was low enough not to hurt my brothers. Jared rode in the passenger seat with me and voiced his uncertainty.

"I don't trust him. At least Carlo tells you what he wants from you. Klaus is just..."

I didn't reply to him.

"I'm just getting you guys something then we'll leave. Apparently you know Rebekah." I shot them all questioning looks. Micah laughed a carefree sound that belonged to an 8 year old. I wished I still knew him.

"Yes. She's awesome, we played I Spy in the cages. She called me adorable." He laughed again, and something sharp twisted in my gut. She could look at him and say that. I looked at him and saw a corpse—the body of the baby my brother was and a monster inside it.

Make no mistake; I don't hate vampires. But my brother has been twisted into something that should never exist. One minute my brother's eyes were sparkling, the next they filled with bloodlust and rage and murder and desire to have me killed.

I coughed loudly, keeping the emotions at bay. Jared seemed to understand me, but Alex glowered in the backseat. Alex hated me some days. He was hung up on me not helping them, not saving them.

Being with my brothers opened fresh wounds in me all over again. It was like watching my family die, over and over. I was just as helpless in helping them now as I had been saving them two years ago.

Some days I feel like I died along with them. Like I'm a walking corpse too, waiting for a shred of something to save us.

Klaus's mansion always made me a little breathless in all its extravagance. I tried not to look at it too hard as I walked up the steps, my brothers behind me, Jared walking slightly in front of them, like he was shielding them.

Grant and Ryan used to walk around me like that, make sure no one gave me a strange look. I almost laughed at the absurdity of it all. Jared thought the vampires need the protection. Perhaps if I died it would be a relief for them; no more big sister to tell them to eat their veggies, keep them on lock down.

This time I laughed as I walked through the door. The hybrids have guarded the place strongly. They let me through to see Klaus, at a dinner table. A fourth place was set for me but not for my brothers.

"Isabella," Klaus stood and gestured at the last spot of the table. Rebekah give me the slightest smile, then something heart warming comes to her features as she looked at my brothers. Micah beamed at her.

Stefan Salvatore sat between them. I tilted my head, wondered if they were wonder twins again, him and Klaus.

Klaus's pride hit me. He probably couldn't wait to tell me he had rediscovered the Cure for my brothers, and that he was equally driven to finding it as I was because it meant more hybrids for him, if they could restore Elena.

"Come sit. You've met Stefan?"

I offered Stefan a short smile and again saw the limp girl he was still draining in Chicago.

I blinked and looked back to Klaus.

"Actually, I need to talk to you. Alone."

Klaus's confusion didn't show on his face, but I felt it. His blood was still running high and I felt everything he was—his fondness for my brothers and I didn't go unnoticed. I just had a different use for it than he did.

He closed sliding doors behind us in what appeared to be an office. My brothers sat on the dining table and talked to Rebekah.

"What is it?" Shit. He was concerned. Bloody hell, last month the man couldn't stand the sight of me. I opened my mouth to respond, but he held up a finger to silence me. "Wait, I have to tell you something."

He was still beaming at me, proud of himself. I waited uneasily for him to elucidate, although I knew what he was going to say.

"I told you before that there could be a cure."

Oh, God. He had to say it, didn't he? I feigned cluelessness.

"You said those secrets died with the one who knew of it." I said slowly.

"Yes—but they're back. I'm not sure how, but I'm going to figure out how to get the Cure again."

Great. Now I'd have to snap the Hybrid's happy bubble. I saw and felt the confusion in his eyes at the lack of response and emotion he saw from me. Clearly he expected me to be ecstatic; and I had been, a while ago, when I told Carlo about the Cure.

Gah. What was I supposed to say? Carlo was already searching for the same Cure and he already knew that the Five were the ones who knew of it? That he'd been searching for it a lot longer than we had known about it?

"The Hunter can't know about me," I said, almost blurted it out. Again, Klaus was confused. "He will try to kill me. As far as he's concerned, I'm not human, you know?"

"I wouldn't let him kill you," Klaus said, and something backed his tone—I frowned over the feeling, not quite recognizing it. Violence? Anger? "How do you know he's alive?"

"Carlo told me," I said quickly. "But that's not important. The Hunter will hunt me." Ah, I was mutilating the English language, all this talk of Hunters, and Cures.

"I need to use the map in his tattoos to lead me to the Cure." Klaus was frowning now, deeply dissatisfied. I could easily say he was PMS'ing with all these mood swings, but I was probably worse throughout the day. "And you can see the tattoos. I was thinking you could draw them out or describe them to me."

Well, that put me in the middle of the problem. I can't be the only person on the face of the Earth who could see his tattoo. Klaus was going to have to find someone else.

Except this wasn't only his problem; it was mine also, most likely the answer to my problem too. Except Carlo would kill me, or torture me, or mutilate my arm further. Okay, he wouldn't put me under physical harm, and I had to see Carlo's reasoning here. The Hunter wasn't going to ignore me if he ever got out. In fact, I'd probably put myself on his shit list just because of how unnatural I was. If he ever found out.

"You're thinking too much." Klaus was concerned again. I wanted to scream and shake his feelings off me. They were confusing.

"Not at all." I lied. "But I need to think about it. I'm not the only person on the face of Earth who can see his tattoos, right?" I asked, as if he knew the answer.

Surprisingly, he did.

"No, you're not."

He explained to me that he already had someone to do my work, but thought I was more trustworthy anyway and would rather I do it.

"What if you knocked him unconscious while I looked at them?" I asked. Carlo told me not to go near the Hunter, but if his tattoos would lead me to the cure, I wasn't going to stand around and wait for a human to do it for me.

"That could work," He mused. He brightened. "Stay for dinner, at least. Your brothers can be taken to the games room; my hybrids have been guarding the place."

"You have a games room?" I asked, and laughter bubbled in my chest at the thought of Klaus playing X-Box or a Play Station or something. He'd probably destroy it if it didn't work in his favour. I laughed this time. The wolf-y vampire, spending his days on game consoles.

"Actually, I had it built for you brothers."

My laughter died down. He had built the house a while ago, or renovated it. I couldn't imagine why he'd think I'd be around as often for my brothers to spend time there. He went on, explaining.

"The windows block out UV rays. You should bring them out more often."

I wasn't so much touched as I was suspicious; but his emotions were true, not a hint of malice behind them, just fact. Repeatedly, Klaus offered to have daylight rings made for my brothers, but I was afraid they would run and I'd never see them again.

"I'll draw them after dinner, then." I hadn't had a home cooked meal in too long. My breakfast, lunches and dinners consisted of candy bars and protein bars, anything I could eat while I was moving.

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