ℓittℓe things

Well nothing certain in my story it never ends or does it? so the unexpected could happen and well just 5 special boys can turn a girls life around...


4. wow

5678 we danced and danced and learnt the routine for lady gag me and Miley are specialist in modern dancing so hip hop /pop
ladies break madam rushma shouted then briskly clapped her hands .twice. i sat in the corner with Miley and ate our skittle all the other girls don't have breakfast or snack well im different i cannot stave myself to have a figure i love food

"ladies we have a very special anncoment auditions for a music video next week we have the routine on the tablets u will get "

i just looked at Miley with a massive smile on our faces this would be a my first job

so we received out tablets and the routine is pretty easy it left foot right switch ect .....
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