ℓittℓe things

Well nothing certain in my story it never ends or does it? so the unexpected could happen and well just 5 special boys can turn a girls life around...


9. studio

as always i grabbed my water bottle and skittle ready for the day

the instutor was so fit mark he was called and he made us rehearse lits i dont care he was cute
when break came as always i sat in the corner alone this time eating skittles the boys had been rehearsing with us and the blonde cute boy came over and sat next to me

"hey do u mind " he winked
"no not at all" i replied back with a smile
the other boys were being mobbed by the other dancers
he pinched a skittle of me and shuved it on his mouth je was so cheeky but funny we giggled together he was soo funny x
"i didnt catch ur name yesterday"
i basically said my name
"niall right "
"listen i got to go but ...."
he handed me a note crimpled up
"bye " i smiled as he left ( not because i want him to go )
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