ℓittℓe things

Well nothing certain in my story it never ends or does it? so the unexpected could happen and well just 5 special boys can turn a girls life around...


11. sneeky little games

'moring!' harry said to me with a smile on his face .
"moring Harry" i smiled back cheeesey i know
"Boys can inhave u hear please" the director shouted them over he waved bye to me as the dance teacher went over the routine .i couldnt conentrate as harry was talking to the camera man about bannanas ? oh how they were random . the rest if the boys were mucking about playing silly little games .i could only think why ? we got some filming done... after paul gave them a talkin to.nialls laugh was so funny it was 'real manly' i couldnt help but giggle when he laughed . as always i had skittles for a snack . the boys were on their break they came over .
"skittles" niall jumped i handed him a few
"what about us liam crossed his arm and gave a pouty lip then very oddly clicked his fingers in a 'z' formation .
i just laugh and handed them all some .
i really have shouldnt they didnt stop bouncing all day .suddenly a black jeep pulled up .i couldnt help myself but think whos is it .the door opended . awww i gave a sigh as Elenor steped out .they ran to each other just like in the movies.louis picked her up and spun her around .they were soo cute together ,they were love struck and had a bad case of it. Not everyone has a perfect realitionship though .

" I CAn NOT WoRK WITH THEESE BOYS!" a small red headed man screamed and threw his hat on the floor .the boys just laughed .love how they can laugh at the worst situation .

Harry whispered in my ear
"so are you free tonight now ?"
i just laughed and nodded my head
Thoose silly little boys .Thoose silly little games . :)
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