ℓittℓe things

Well nothing certain in my story it never ends or does it? so the unexpected could happen and well just 5 special boys can turn a girls life around...


10. awkward...

we go back to rehearsing heavy metal style ready for the next music video which is coming out later this year... so mark .... pushed us to the limit i was at breaking point my legs were going to snap honestly in all my life i had never worked this hard .i really wanted to perfect the dance although we may or may not be dancing video so i don't see the point after long hours of training i walked back the the hotel and phoned Miley to tell her how hard training was
"wow" "really" all i heard was that is was like if she wasn't listening to me
"Are u even listening " i pulled a face but then thickly realised she couldn't see me .i giggled to myself as i flopped down onto my bed exhausted from today
as the night continued i changed into my pjs i began to watch telly-xfactor- i really wished i had applied my music teacher loved my voice bit im too shy. Miley didn't even know which was awkward ...
*knock knock *
i hung up of Miley and answered the door
i looked at the curly dark haired 'man' puzzled ?
" miya right ? , well my friend u likes really really likes u he's head over heels about you and we was wondering if u wanted to come for a meal tomorrow ?"
"really ? " something struck my head i was heading home tomorrow after the video ..."
"Harry's , I'm really sorry but I'm going home tomorrow night ..."
"not if we dont finish the video" he winked and strolled along to next door ,his hotel room. what did he mean ? i don't know ill just have to find out :)
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