The White Room

The White Room....a room in an old Victorian style house which was built in the late 1600s....after the deaths of its previous owner in 1875, anyone who entered the house, was never seen again...


4. Victoria's Revenge

I ran upstairs back to the room I was in and nearly fainted. There was the chair, rocking as if someone had just sat down. The dolls? They were playing their eerie tune. I screamed and screamed till I couldn’t scream any more. The bed wasn’t folded any more and looked as if someone had just got out of bed. The letters I had opened were thrust all over the floor. I ran to the window and through the rain, I could see a misty hand print on the window. I ran my hand up and down but it must have been permanent. It felt very cold. How did I miss it? Had the hooded figure just been in here? That was when I noticed the wall. Funny how it made the room look dark, even though it was a pure white. Why I thought this, I don’t know, but I had a scary feeling about it. Who in their right minds, would paint a nursery white? What if it is covered up? I found a torn corner and reached up and pulled down the paper. I spent about half an hour ripping and shredding the paper but nothing came into my hands. I looked up at the wall and screamed with all my might. It was covered with 2 lines and looked as if it was etched in blood. ‘’You killed her, I killed you.’’ I sussed things out. The man had killed his daughter and his wife had killed him for doing so. She had made it look like suicide. That pretty face of Victoria…a murderer? And that corpse downstairs…it must have been the man. There was a metal bar attached to a chain thrust into his leg. That could not have possible been suicide. Suddenly, I heard a noise downstairs…a door downstairs opened with a creak, and I could hear ever so small footsteps…I heard them getting louder and louder until they stopped in what I thought was behind the door of this room. I decided to stay put and not turn around. I felt for the knife I had in my pocket. I heard the door creak behind me and I heard a metal chain clanging down onto the floor. I screamed and screamed as a withered and bloody arm grabbed me. Turned around and screamed with all my might. Staring back at me was who I knew to be a corpse. Victoria’s ghostly corpse. I clocked everything that Victoria had killed her husband. Her mutilated and rotting face was staring back at me leering back with a small dagger in my hand- she uttered two lines ‘’He killed her, and I killed him…’’ And then, I felt no more…  

THE END?     © Copyright by Inkeraser [Kumaran] 

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