The White Room

The White Room....a room in an old Victorian style house which was built in the late 1600s....after the deaths of its previous owner in 1875, anyone who entered the house, was never seen again...


1. The Victorian Manor


The White Room- A horror novel by Inkeraser


A howling wind whipped the trees against the horizon, as the sun disappeared into the darkening night. I ran for shelter into the nearest house with a dark door. A gloomy sense of fear overcame my senses as I reached my hand towards the large metal handle. The door creaked into the dusty room. A large empty hallway was shrouded in a cold ethereal light. I turned to my left and nearly screamed. Wait…it was just a portrait. Funny how portraits could seem so real…the eyes on this lady’s portrait seemed to follow my ever move and thought. She was a pretty lady, but she looked troubled as if she had lost something in her life. My heart hammered, as I went up the flight of stairs, portrait after portrait seemed to follow my every move…and thoughts. I could feel my heart in my throat as I reached for the door knob and twisted it; but to my horror, the door knob came away from the door and turned to powder the moment I applied force to it. I screamed as I saw my hand was drenched in what I knew to be ancient and musty…blood.           













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