The White Room

The White Room....a room in an old Victorian style house which was built in the late 1600s....after the deaths of its previous owner in 1875, anyone who entered the house, was never seen again...


3. The Garden & The Kitchen

I looked through the bars and out into the garden. The grass was overgrown and I could see a small ditch. My eyes widened as I saw a hooded figure walk across the lawn in the outside rain. My eyes had played many tricks today, but I was sure there was a hooded figure. I ran outside the room, and down the stairs, into the kitchen (which smelled really bad) and saw the back door open. My heart beat faster and faster…I ran outside and nearly fell headlong into the ditch. Soaking wet, I heaved myself up. Nothing. No sign of a hooded figure. I looked up at the house. It sure was creepy. I nearly screamed in horror as I felt something tug at my arm. It was a tree branch. I pulled it away and threw it into the ditch. I looked up at the house and nearly screamed. There was a light. I knew it. Someone was in there. I ran back in, but before I went in, I wanted to see what the foul smell was. There was a police line- which was very withered and worn out. I pulled it down and screamed. Here was a body of a man hanging from a rope from the ceiling. The body was mutilated and was lopsided. At his leg, was a huge metal chain, which must have been there when he committed suicide? 

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