Don't Change


2. All Smiles?

"I understand your circumstances right now, but that's no excuse to talk to a member of teaching staff the way you did," Mr Fawner explained to me, ushering me out of his office. "Now off you go to your lesson, and don't forget to tell your teacher that you were with me."

I dawdled down the corridor to my dance class, whistling as I went. Despite being forced to endure two and a half hours of Mr Fawner telling me how I should approach the same situation in the future, missing the entirety of two of my favourite lessons, Gym and Sport, missing the whole of break, and missing half of another one of my favourite lessons, Dance, I was pretty cheery for such a bleak day.

I stood outside the studio for a couple of minutes, thinking up the perfect way to tell Miss Kenton why I was late, without revealing why I was having a rather boring conversation with Mr Fawner in the first place. I knocked on the door, and opened it, as eight, flushed faces turned to watch me entering the room. Miss Kenton jogged over to me, with a small smile plastered on her face. 

"You know the drill," she sighed, as she regained her breath after what could have been quite a strenuous warm up.

I nodded in agreement, and ran across the hall, into the changing room, swinging my bag in front of me. I heard the rest of the class laugh behind me, and laughed with them, suddenly feeling much better within myself. I changed quickly and carefully, making sure to hang my school uniform up on the hook, and kicked off my school shoes, leaning against one of the newly painted walls. I forced my size nine feet into my jazz shoes, and threw my old, battered ballet pumps back into my dance bag. I stood up, adjusted the waist band of my joggers, and skipped back into the hall, giving Miss Kenton the thumbs up, as I took my seat next to Leon.

"You can warm up as we go along," she shouted, over the racket of the other students talking. "We're doing lifts today, and Leon was adamant that you two were going to be partners, though I don't have a clue why."

I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, and saw his cheeks blushing a bright red. I shuffled a bit closer to him, and gave him a small hug, making sure no one was watching us, because I knew they'd never let us forget it if they were. He put his arms around my waist, and hauled me onto his lap, so he could talk to me without Miss Kenton seeing.

"Are you okay?" he asked, with a concerned tone to his voice.

"All smiles," I whispered back, climbing off of his lap.

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