Runaway Love

An average teenage girl who's been abused most of her life, and her best friend is in a big time boy band. How could she cope? When all the ones she love has left, and the one person she could honestly trust and love, and has known her all her life, is too busy travelling around the world, singing to billions of girls, whereas she's been hit and yelled at constantly. What will happen when her best friend is in town for a bit? Could she stay strong and say she's fine, or will she fall and runaway from the pain?


1. The News

Sky's POV

"This is what you get in your test! B? I thought you studied!" He yelled at me.

My eyes watery, tears crawling down my rosy cheeks, "I did! I studied hard uncle Jack!"

"Then why the bloody hell did you get a B!" he lifts his hand up over his head. I crawled too the corner of the living room, knees propped up too my chest.

I couldn't help it anymore, my mind says too keep my mouth shut, but it seems as though it has its own mind. "Because i've been doing everything you asked," I mumbled.

"What's that?" he says coming closer.

My voice raised a couple notches, "Because i've been doing everything you asked! Cleaned the house, bought our groceries, washed our clothes, made every single meal!" Before I could even finish, I felt a powerful blow too my cheek. I looked up too him, my left hand covering my throbbing cheek.

"Listen too me," he growled, he clutched my hair and pinned me too the wall, "Do not ever, raise your voice at me child. Have your mother ever taught you too respect your elders-"

"Leave my mum out of this!"

He lifted my chin and gently brushed my cheek with his thumb, I winced at the pain, and tears still poured. "Shhh...Skylar, I just want the best for you," he says softly-almost friendly, "I know you are a smart child,your mother, my sister, would've want the best for you too. That's why she left me as your legal guardian."

I wanted too yell at him, hit him, fight back...But that would add up too more bruises and pain. "I'll promise I do better next time" I say quietly. He asked me too go up too my room and get some rest.

If only, if only Louis still lives next door. He could help wash the pain away, either with some joke or just him himself. He always know how too make people smile and laugh...he knows how too make me smile and laugh, especially at the saddest times... I'm laying on my back on my queen sized bed. Remembering all the fun moments Louis and I shared when we were young...Now he's out there, travelling the world with his band, the one only big time british boy band-One Direction. I flicked through the channels, finding something that would keep my mind off my sorrow.

"Did you hear Lizzie?" A blonde lady in the tv asked

"Heard what?" I'm guessing the red-head is Lizzie

"Well One Direction is coming too town, according too Zayn Malik, they're all taking turns too visit their hometown before getting ready for their next tour."

But these words played on repeat in my head 'Too visit their hometown'

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