Runaway Love

An average teenage girl who's been abused most of her life, and her best friend is in a big time boy band. How could she cope? When all the ones she love has left, and the one person she could honestly trust and love, and has known her all her life, is too busy travelling around the world, singing to billions of girls, whereas she's been hit and yelled at constantly. What will happen when her best friend is in town for a bit? Could she stay strong and say she's fine, or will she fall and runaway from the pain?


2. The Countdown

Sky's POV

Sun shining through my window, birds chirping,happiness is literally surrounding me...Yet why do I still feel so depress? I groaned and flipped onto my stomach, I had to blink a couple of times too see my alarm clock clearly; the bright blue numbers flashed, 8:30 am. It's a saturday and I got too head of too Hamleys-Since my Uncle wouldn't even bother getting of the couch and he's not in a great condition too even get out of the house and get a job. After making my bed I quickly stripped off my clothes and hopped in the shower. For the next few days it's going to be extremely busy at Hamleys;Christmas is coming up soon, so the store wouldn't only be filled with kids smiling, and chasing eachother with dolls and toys. It'll also be filled with more parents then usual, searching for toys too place under the christmas tree for their kids. I really do love working at Hamleys, it's alot of fun! I love kids and just seeing the store light up with their laughter and giggles will just make my day.

I got out the shower, wrapped a towel around me and wiped away the fog from the mirror. My hair dripping past my shoulders, my cheeks a rosy pink from the warmth of the water.I stared at the mirror, looking at myself and my now swollen and slightly purple cheek. A minute later, I dropped my towel and looked at the naked figure in the mirror. I felt my chest tighten, and my eyes sting. The girl in the mirror, she's covered with cuts and scars, bruises in all sorts of nasty colours. That girl in the mirror, she's reflecting me, that's how I look like. I grabbed my towel and let a tear spill from my blue eyes; I changed immediately into my given uniform, dumped some change of clothes in a bag, grabbed my phone and slipped on my black converse. Jack isn't even up till later around noon, so i'm not going to even bother making breakfast for him;I slipped on my jacket and a beanie, then off too Hamleys.

Seeing all these christmas decorations up, just reminds me of Louis and I.How every christmas he would spend the night at ours or vice versa. How we'd camp out downstairs, hoping that we'd catch Santa Claus(We were young, our minds were easy too fool)and how we sneak in some of his cookies, thinking that Santa couldn't turn around on his sled at the last minute just 'cause they did one innocent bad deed. Yes Louis and I were very cheeky, trouble-makers at times...Well that's an understatement...And the next day, Louis and I would open up the presents together in our footy pajamas, or onesies. Then we'd chase eachother around...That's how it is between Louis and I, the life between us too...Just hopefully, if he does come visit...It would still be the same.

It's my break now, had about nine hours or so at Hamleys, watching the kids run around with content. I'm currently walking down a street, sipping on my hot cocoa, letting the cool breeze blow through my blonde hair.It's the sixteenth of december, nine days till christmas, and according too Louis, he's coming back before christmas...Louis and I still talk, still skype but rarely 'cause of how busy we both are, plus the differences of timezones...It's difficult. Louis has told me the latest jokes, pranks and anything that he needed too share with his best friend-me. It feels like i'm there with the lads. I've actually met the lads before, we're pretty close too but nowhere close to Louis and my friendship. I'm the one who actually encouraged Louis to sing, join the performances at school,and audition in the X-factor. I've attended all their shows in X-factor, cheered them on, "You're practically like the sixth member of one direction. A close friend too us" I quote from Niall. However, whilst Louis' telling me all the latest news over there, i'm here telling him the positive things that has happened so far, and trust me there isn't much. I couldn't tell Louis i'm being abused, Louis could either go manic and go fight on my side against my uncle, or he won't believe me and that i'm just dreaming things. Louis' practically like family, he knows Uncle Jack and is pretty close. It might take a bit too convince him that my Uncle is capable to do those things too me...that is only if i'm going to tell him the truth. And the truth hurts.

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