Confessions of an Unconcious Murderer

So apparently I have a sleepwalking problem..
That's not such a horrible thing right?? But there's a problem when you wake up one morning to find your cute girly pajamas soaked in someone else's blood....


5. The thing thats not me

April 2009 12:54 am

i felt so uneasy for the past week that i couldn't sleep at all. i felt something unusual... a queesey fealing in my stomach. the room grew cold as shadows danced across my walls. i pulled the blankets over my head like a litle scared child. i fell asleep minutes later. the bad dreams returned. i was in a dark alley way now. the moon was shining brightly as it lit my path. I walked down the alley slowly looking around cautiously. he was walking my way. i didnt know who he was or what he was doing but something inside to me to kill this man. i gripped the knife tighter and waited until he walked closer. he turned to me and smiled. not a friendly one, but a disire filled one. i gripped the knife even tighter. as he reacher towards me i extended my arm and slashed his neck. his eyes widened with surprise. blood sprayed out of his neck and into my face. "crazy Bitch" he grunted as he fell to the ground. those were his last words.

i turned around and walked home, leaving his body in the middle of the dimly lit alley way.

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