Confessions of an Unconcious Murderer

So apparently I have a sleepwalking problem..
That's not such a horrible thing right?? But there's a problem when you wake up one morning to find your cute girly pajamas soaked in someone else's blood....


8. Scattered

     What had happened last night? I don't even remember. I wiped the taste off of my lips and sat up. There was blood on my hands. "dear god please.. not again" i pleaded. I looked outside my cell door, A guard lay there in a pool of blood. He had a sharp unidentifiable object protruding from his neck. Had i done that? There was no doubt in my mind, It probably was. The blood i had just smeared across my lips was his. But how did i escape this secured cell? How Did i escape a top security prison?! Sleep walking, i must have slept walked again. 

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