Confessions of an Unconcious Murderer

So apparently I have a sleepwalking problem..
That's not such a horrible thing right?? But there's a problem when you wake up one morning to find your cute girly pajamas soaked in someone else's blood....


2. Interrogation

January 13th, 2012 7:18 am

I sat on the icy cold metal fold out chair in the middle of a interrogation room. Two officers sat in front if me. One was tall and lean maybe around his mid twenties. He was an undercover cop. His hair was gelled back and his eyes were sunken in as if he hadn't slept for months. The second cop seemed a lot older. My guess...he's maybe around 46.. he had a large gut ans his hairline was receding. They both stared at me as if they were expecting me to buckle. I remained silent. The fat one pressed a button on the recorder. The undercover cop opened a file and then turned back to me. "Hello Bethany... I'm officer Grant and this is officer Renalds. We would just like to ask you a few questions regarding the murders of Michelle Baldwin, Nancy Beau and Andrew Edwards." Officer grant explained. "I know who you guys are...tell me again why I have to answer these questions?? I've already admitted to these crimes three years ago.." I asked as I tugged on the cuffs and slipped my hands out. They sighed. "Please keep your hands inside the handcuffs Ms.Madison" officer grant pleaded. "Don't worry officer I'm not going to kill you I'm wide awake..." I replied as I kicked my feet up on the table. "Now ask away" I insisted "where were you on April 19th 2009 in the time between 1:15 pm and 3:00 am?? " he asked. "Sleeping" I chuckled as I remembered that crazy day. "but you were reported by a witness saying that they saw you leave  your house around 1;15 and not returning until 3:00" officer Renalds ranted as he leaned in closer to me. "do i need to repeat myself? i said i was sleeping and thats the truth..what i do in my sleep is a totally mystery to me." i rolled my eyes and pulled out a container of mints. i tossed them to renalds. "you need one of these." i laughed.he caught them. "real funny Beth." he groaned. i winked and sighed.

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