Confessions of an Unconcious Murderer

So apparently I have a sleepwalking problem..
That's not such a horrible thing right?? But there's a problem when you wake up one morning to find your cute girly pajamas soaked in someone else's blood....


3. Flashback to the Start

February 19th 2009

" You theif! you terrible no good thief! you stole it! You don't you did this! You stole this woman's life! you have the proof is in your hands! that bloody knife! Her blood is on your hands! Dammit Bethany its all over you!!!" That's when I woke up from that horrendous horrific night mare only to find something even more terrifying, I was covered in blood. The dark maroon color stained my my sheets and my pink night gown. I let an earsplitting scream. I heard fast footstep running to my door. My parents ran in to my doorway and froze. They stood paralyzed under the door frame as they looked around my room in horror. There was blood every where. Smeared bloody hand prints decorated my wall and bloody footprints accented my rug. There's was a pool of blood oozing from the lifeless body of my ten yaerold sister Stephanie. My mother brook down into tears while my father still stood still paralyzed. A large steak knife protruded from my sister's chest. She had several stab wounds on her stomach. "Who did this? Was it me?? couldn't have been...I would never do such a crazy thing!! I was sleeping!! There was no way!" I thought to myself. What the hell happened in here?!" My father ranted. I began to cry. "I don't know daddy...I'm scared" I cried. "Your sister is dead in the middle if you goddamned room and your telling me you have no goddamn clue!!" He shouted my mother began to sob mom crawled out of the room and to the house phone . She dialled 911. I ran out of bed and to my father's side hugging him tightly he pushed me away revealing the blood j had left in his shirt. He glared at me. Police lights lit up the dim street and filled up the once silent air with the sound of sirens. Questions crying screaming, yellow tape, and handcuffs was all I could remember if that first night. It was a blur to me. Then I remembered getting released from jail. They found an unregistered sex offender as a person of interest. My parents still couldn't look at me the same.

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