Confessions of an Unconcious Murderer

So apparently I have a sleepwalking problem..
That's not such a horrible thing right?? But there's a problem when you wake up one morning to find your cute girly pajamas soaked in someone else's blood....


4. Back to The Questions

"look, guys.... i already told you everything...what more is there to tell?" i asked as i stood up. Renalds made me sit back down "sit your ass back down! this is serious shit!" he ranted. i plopped back down and grunted. Grant flipped the page. three years ago you were trialed for the murder of your little sister.. but you were let go because of another person of interest " he asked but it was more like a comment...something i wasn't supposed to respond to. he looked up from my file and stuck the pencil in his ear.i sat there and shrugged. " i have reason to believe it was you who murdered your sister." he said as he looked me dead in the eyes. "why would i kill my little sister Grant?" i groaned.  my hands laid in my lap as my fingers began to twitch nervously. Grant leaned in closer to me. "i don't tell me." he replied. i snickered, our faces were only inches away now. "why would an innocent 16 year old want to brutally murder her little sister?" he asked as his voice trailed off. i snickered and held the stare. "Grant....with all do sound crazy..maybe its you who needs to be chained in the cell for the rest of their life...not me.." i smiled a sinister like smile. " why did you kill her?" he asked, are faces still close, the stare still strong. he was looking deep into my eyes searching for weak spots....for faults in my calm, cool complexion. "I wasn't me when I killed her" i replied. 

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