1. Prologue

He was suppose to love me.
That was the thing that I couldn't forget. The promises, the moments, the gifts, the kisses. The promises were broken; the moments were forged; the gifts represented an empty heart; and the kisses were me being used... It all was.

I felt used.
I had been used.
I had loved him, and yet he had ripped my heart out and fed it to the wolves... literally. As I staggered away from my fallen enemies, feeling there warm blood covering my pale skin. Some where in there wolf forms, other had changed back once they had been killed.

But HE was gone. The one responsible. The one to blame for this pointless killing; and if it hadn't been for my burning desire for revenge I would have happily died and left them to their lives. But this had to be done. He had to be dealt with, and then, I was done.

For good...

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