Our Week

This is the Follow up story to the least Apreciated.
Angelique and her two bestfriends Anabel and Isabel are stuck in London after a huge snowstorm hits. There class stays in the hotel, but they have new budding romances with three of the boys.Will there be another catastriphy? Will one's love break? Find out in this second edition of the Least Appreciated.


5. Tacos

Anabel's P.O.V. I really wanted to, believe me i really damn wanted to. It was just I had my values and they kicked in just in time.After I woke up I layed on Harry's chest while he flipped through the channels and such. This was extremely boring,so I stood up and asked, "what do you want babe?!"

"What do you mean Sweetie...."

"What do you want to eat. Don't get cheeky with me." I said grinning. He laughed a bit, then answered

"surprise me." I walked away and slipped into the kitchen. It was the perfect cooking space. Now what could I make Harry. I took one of his cookbooks off of the shelf, and layed it out in front on me. I flipped through the pages and found a great taco recipe. It was perfect. I looked through the cabinets and couldn't find some of the ingredients. I went back in the room and slipped on some black yoga pants,grey Uggs, and one of Harry's jackets. "Where are you going love?"

"To the store." 

"Do you want me to come?"

"Your'e fine, just stay in bed." I said walking down the hall and walking out the door. "Love you!" I shouted before I closed the front door and headed to Harry's car. I hopped in and drove to the nearest grocery store.


                  I arrived at the flat shortly and started cooking our tacos. When I was finishing up,the aroma of the food flowed through the house,this made Harry rush into the kitchen with a smile on his face yelling "TACOOOOOOOOOS!" in his lovely accent. He stood behind me then wrapped his arms around my waist. "Are they almost done?" he said excitedly.

"Yes babe." I said setting three on a plate for him. He quickly grabbed them and sat at the bar stole in front of the counter. He really went to town on then,then said sweetly,

"Babe, these are the most wonderful tacos i have ever  eaten."

"I'm glad you love them." i said tip toeing behind him then wrapping my arms around his neck. He gave me a moist taco kiss, then continued eating. The tacos were actually quite good.

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