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This is the Follow up story to the least Apreciated.
Angelique and her two bestfriends Anabel and Isabel are stuck in London after a huge snowstorm hits. There class stays in the hotel, but they have new budding romances with three of the boys.Will there be another catastriphy? Will one's love break? Find out in this second edition of the Least Appreciated.


19. Pain

Angelique's  P.O.V.

            I  woke up in Dave's bed with a warm arm wrapped around me tightly. I was surprised he was still sleeping, but I guess something must have gotten into me because when I looked at the clock, it read 5 a.m.But then I realized what it was, there was something that didn't feel right,and that was that I was in another mans arms,and not the man I really know,the man I really love,the man that I will never give up for anybody,the man in that worldwide group of 5, and that man was Zayn Malik. I wasn't even convincing myself that I was completely done with Zayn, because I knew inside that I could never be over him. And I knew what I was doing with Dave right now wasn't love, it was confusion,anger,and heartbreak. I quickly got up startling to find my shoes,making lots of noise thus waking up Dave.  

"What are you doing?" He said barely awake.  

"I can't do this." He got up and took me in his arms. I felt really bad about leading him on so much, but I knew I didn't actually have feelings for him.  

"Do what baby?" He kissed the side of my head and held me tighter giving me no room to move.  

"This,with you. I'm sorry I let it get this far, but I was just in a very hurt state when I came on this vary long date," my voice lowered at little,"but you're a great guy and I really hope you stay as close to me as we are now?" He held even tighter, then started kissing my neck. His grip was starting to hurt now. "Dave! stop! and let go of me!" I tried wiggling out but he just held tighter. He took a deep breath in, then let it out saying,  

"You're not going anywhere baby doll."

  "Yes, I'm going back to Ermilla's, and you're going to drive me."

  "No girl, that's not how it works. I'm going to tell you what's going to happen, and you're going to do what I say." Holy Shit. I was about to pee my pants right then and there. I could never think of anything more scary then having an abusive partner. I didn't know how to deal with them. He gave me a smirk before throwing me on the bed and slipping of my shoes. He slowly got ontop of me pinning my shoulders to the mattress then giving me a light kiss. He started saying in a light voice while I was barely breathing, "Now, I'm going to what I want," he kissed me," And you're going to do what I tell you to,"another kiss, " Or you're pretty little body won't look that perfect anymore. Okay?" He finished it of with one last kiss. He then looked up at me as I nodded my head with tears in my eyes. I knew what was about to happen to me, I wasn't prepared, but I knew what was going to happen. As I laid pinned down to the bed, I tried to imagine Zayn was kissing me down instead of Dave, him pinning me down.  I thought it might help out with the pain I was going to feel. But luckily, there was a quick 4 knocks at Dave's door which startled us bolth. He looked down at me, then said in a serious,scary voice, "Stay. Here." A tear slid down my cheek as I nodded my head. When he stood up and started walking towards the door, I slowly sat up staring at the door in wonder. When he approached the door,I started packing my bag quickly and silently. When he slowly opened the door, a beautifully familiar  boy was standing there, that  scruff on his defined jaw,those hazel eyes, that black shinny hair, he was my night and shinning armor, my prince, Zayn Malik. I could feel my face light up when I saw him, I immediately stood up and ran to him, pushing past Dave violently, and wrapping my arms around his neck. I felt his ice cold hands hold me tighter then he had ever held me before kissing all over the side of my face saying,

"I'm here now babe, I'm here now." I could feel Dave's evil stare piercing through my body, he,was furious. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me towards him violently. I cried out to Zayn,

"Help me please Zayn!Please!" tears running down my face. He wasn't going to let go of me anytime soon. All Zayn said was,

"Let her go Dave, Now." Dave laughed, then smiled saying,

"No way in hell."


"Fine." Then he threw my to the ground behind him, I let out a cry as I landed strongly on my arm, felling it break under my body. Through my sobs, I could hear him say in a cheeky voice, "Happy?" then all of the sudden I could hear a few bangs on the kitchen table, a few punches, and a loud bang on the ground next to me. It was quiet, then I herd a few steps come towards me. Thinking it was Dave, I cried out,

"Please don't hurt me! I'll do anything!" but then Zayn had crouched down next to me, picked me up being careful of my arm, grabbed my bag, then carried me down the stairs. The whole time, he was whispering to me,

"Shhhhhhh, It's ok boo, I'm so sorry I let this happen again."I could hear the tears in his voice, it was hurting me more then it was hurting him. He slid me into the passenger side of his car, then got in on the opposite side, holding my good hand tight. "Now were going to a hospital, then were gonna go back to Ermilla's, Ok?" He wiped away his tears, then started the car.

"Ok." I said quietly, then he stepped on the gas, and we drove. I didn't think that fairytales could happen to a girl like me, but me and my prince were riding away in our horse in carriage, and even though I was in excruciating pain, I couldn't have been happier.

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