Our Week

This is the Follow up story to the least Apreciated.
Angelique and her two bestfriends Anabel and Isabel are stuck in London after a huge snowstorm hits. There class stays in the hotel, but they have new budding romances with three of the boys.Will there be another catastriphy? Will one's love break? Find out in this second edition of the Least Appreciated.


2. My Mistake

Harry's P.O.V.

I was laying down in bed when I herd her walk through the door, there was someone else with her, I bet it was one of her friends. I looked out my cracked door to see her walk in with Zayn, he was holding her bags while she held a small brown bag and two coffee cups. "You can just set them there, Thank you." She said nicely to him.

"Your welcome." He said being, Zayn. She then pecked him on the cheek as he walked out. What the hell was that?!?! I stood up quickly and rushed over to her.

"Hey babe!" She said joyfully.


"What's wrong?" She said suddenly turning a little pale.

"What was 'that'."                   

"It wasn't anything."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Harry. Why are you so jealous?"

"I don't know.... welcome home babe." I said warmly, I then kissed her cute little nose. I picked up her bags from behind her and took them to our new room. I set them down and turned around to see a wonderful girl standing right behind me. She wrapped her arms around my neck, then I pulled her in by her soft hips. I kissed her softly, then she jumped onto me, making me fall onto the bed. She laughed a little as I slipped off her shoes. She kissed my softly again, then layed ontop of me. I stroked through her hair a few times before she said " Love you babe." silently.

"I Love you to mrs.Styles" I said happily, then quickly realized what I just said. She looked down at me then gave me a long passionate kiss. I slipped my hands up her shirt and rubbed her back slowly. She pulled off my lips and said, "Harry. I just got home."

"Sorry, you just put me in the mood." I said winking at her hoping for it to work.

"Harrry." She said starting to kiss me again. I worked my way down to her jeans and rubbed her legs. Things were getting heated to the point when we were bolth half naked under the sheets. I was about to continue to...the actual thing, but Anabel pulled away saying "Harry, I can't do this yet." I let out a big sigh then said, " It's ok sweetheart. I can deal with it." I kissed her head then pulled her in to cuddle. I wassn't gonna make he do anything she didn't want to, because that would be rude.We had cuddled for a while till I realized she was so tired she fell asleep on my chest. I simply held her tight then watched t.v. till she woke up smiling at my face.

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