Our Week

This is the Follow up story to the least Apreciated.
Angelique and her two bestfriends Anabel and Isabel are stuck in London after a huge snowstorm hits. There class stays in the hotel, but they have new budding romances with three of the boys.Will there be another catastriphy? Will one's love break? Find out in this second edition of the Least Appreciated.


21. Hospitals

Zayn's P.O.V.

              I still can't believe what had just happened, I never knew Dave was that kind of guy. But that didn't matter right now, all that mattered was that Angelique's arm was being treated and that she could be released from all this pain. I was waiting outside the room on a fairly uncomfortable chair worrying if she would be okay or not, when about an hour went by a nurse came out and told me she was fine and that she wanted to see me. A thousand thoughts rushed into my head all at once, I wasn't sure what I was going to say when I got in there, I had so many questions, but not sure I was going to get the right answers. I walked in slowly, seeing her fragile looking body sitting up on her bed , she looked tired and beaten down, but this hadn't stopped my questions from pouring out of my mouth.

"Why did you do it?!?"


"Why him?!?"

"Zayn I-"

"Did you only wanna hurt me?!?"


"Where you trying to get me back?!?"


"Do you even really love me?!?" Just then, I knew I had gone too far, I saw a small lonely tear stream down her face, and I felt like I had just killed someone. "Angelique,...... I'm sorry"

"No Zayn. How can you even say that?! You know damn well that I love you! And SORRY  if I felt a little hurt by seeing you holding hands with another girl! Your ex in fact! Even though I know who did it now, and that its not real, why would you even come in here with that?! I don't know if I can deal with you right now. I  just wanted to see the guy I feel in love with and we could've possibly gotten back together, but I'm not so sure right now." that one tear had multiplied, a lot. and now she was struggling to get up and go to the door, seeing she only had one arm to work with.

"Let me help you." I said walking over to her.

"No, I don't need you." She pushed past me, grabbed her bag, then headed out the door. I walked over to the window and looked out into the gloomy sky, knowing the true meaning of sadness. I started to fell a couple tears slip onto my cheeks from my eyes, but I quickly wiped them away trying to make myself stop. How could one person screw up this much? that's all I could think to myself anymore at this point. Once I had stopped my emotions from showing, I thought that maybe she couldn't check herself out yet, so I walked over to the bed and looked over the clip board sitting next to the bed, It had a lot of words and numbers that made no sense, but I found the release date, and it was blank, so I just assumed that meant she could leave when she wanted. When I had finally walked out of the room, I looked down the hall bolth ways searching for her, but she was know were in sight. When I walked to the front desk, the lady told me had checked out and went downstairs to get her prescription. I thanked her and ran down the stairs, because I knew that the elevator would take to long. When I arrived, there was a short line, and It looked like she had already left. At this point, I didn't want anything more then for her to just come back, but life isn't always a fairytale. I walked out of the hospital with my face to the ground, I had truly gotten to my lowest point in my life. I knew she probably wasn't going to come back and forgive me so soon, so I just took a deep breath and looked up. But my eyes fixated on those long dark curls, and I knew why. I walked up next to her in silence. She looked over at me, then looked back out into the sky, it looked like it was going to rain in the very near future. she simply just said,

"I have no way to get back."

"So, I'm guessing you need a driver. And a car."

"Yes, but don't think I'm forgiving you."

"I won't." I smiled a little as she headed towards the car, I knew what she meant, she needed time. And I hope I can fix it in these next 4-5 hours. I soon followed her, opened the door for her, then got in on my side."So, were to miss?"

"Shut up and drive."


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