Our Week

This is the Follow up story to the least Apreciated.
Angelique and her two bestfriends Anabel and Isabel are stuck in London after a huge snowstorm hits. There class stays in the hotel, but they have new budding romances with three of the boys.Will there be another catastriphy? Will one's love break? Find out in this second edition of the Least Appreciated.


9. Happiness

Angelique's P.O.V.

         The whole time we were on the plane, Zayn and I were asleep on eachother. I woke up to Zayn blowing in my face.

"Boo, wake up. Were here!" He was smiling when I opened my tired eyes.

"Ok." I stood up adjusting my crewneck, then gave him a smile as I took his hand. He lead me off the plane and into a black limo, he likes riding in style. When we got in, next to us was Harry and Annabel staring at eachother, and there was kissing involved. I could see the love in the air was getting to them.Zayn kissed me on the cheek shaking me from my daze, then he whispered,

"Where do you want to go tonight babe?"

"Surprise me." I grinned as he kissed me softly. The driver then drove us to an extravagant hotel. But the paparazzi was all around our vehicle. It was really tough getting into the lobby, but Paul saved us. When we got in, Zayn took me by my waist, and kissed me. Paul got us our keys, then we walked into the elevator. When we got in, Harry and Annabel were infront of us, so Zayn thought he would just squeeze my ass. Even though I kinda liked it, this wasn't the time near place, so I immediately removed his hand quietly, then gave him a "STOP IT"look. When the little bell rang, the lovely Harabel went to their room, and me and Zayn in ours. It was a simply sleek black and white room with pops of red throughout the room. The bellhop placed our bags at the end of the bed, then Zayn tipped him as he left the room. It was a little silent for a while as I started unpacking our stuff into the closet,then Zayn came up behind me and pulled me into his chest.

"Im sorry, I know it was entirely inappropriate of me to do that, but how can I resist?" I know he could feel me smile, so he gave me a long kiss on the cheek."Do you need any help?"

"Could you put your stuff in the closet?"

"Anything for you babe." He picked up his bag, then dropped it in the closet. "Done!"

"Mr.Malik, I mean take everything out, then sort it." I said laughing.

"Well Mrs.Malik, we don't have time to stay in this room and do nothing." I blushed at his words.

"Fine, but were doing this when we get back. What do you want to do anyway?"

"I'm gonna take you shopping!"

"Zayn, I could never take things from you like that."

"Angelique, Come on! I'm Zayn Malik, I think I can afford to buy you as many things as you want, I like to see you happy!"

"I mean if you really wa-" He cut me off by handing me my purse and dragging me out the door and down the hallway.


Zayn's P.O.V.

We had went to a couple shops, but then I took her to one that I clearly couldn't name, but she sighted a beautiful bustier dress that was white lace on top, the body was a sleek skin tight deep black. She looked at the tag, but kept walking.

"Babe, whats wrong with it?" I went up to the dress and looked at it.

"It's too much.." She looked down when she stopped. When I looked at the tag, I had no idea what she was talking about.

"Babe, you can have whatever you want." I picked it up, and bought it at the counter. It was Farley difficult communicating with the lady, but I ended up successfully getting it. "Here you go." I said handing her the pink paper bag.

"You didn't have to-"

"Now stop with this, i'm getting you stuff weather you like it or not." She smiled and gave me a kiss.

"Thank you Zayn."

"You're welcome.Now lets get some shoes to go with this." She took my hand as we exited the shop. Luckily there was a shoe shop right next door, it looked like her style. We went in, and looked around. I found these black studded heels that seamed perfect for her.

"Are these good?"

"There perfect!"

"Ok, now lets get back, I gotta talk to Harry." I bought the shoes and we walked out of the small shop hand and hand while a few paps in the distance took shots of us.

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