Secret Dreamers [Sequel to: Never Forgotten]

A new chapter in our lives will take its toll on this journey that my best friends and I continue to endure. Taking a chance to live beyond our dreams, to travel past the limits and to remain reunited with the ones we love, a bond indestructible.

Note: Don't read if you haven't read 'Never Forgotten' or 'The Only One.'


8. Restore the Stars

Julie's POV

We've landed but Ally and I are still a bit broken. It's noticeable for Ally, Niall has been trying to make her smile since we got off the plane. Liam walked beside me, arm around my waist trying not to say to much but i'd get an occasional "are you okay, babe?" I'd simply nod despite how bad I truly feel. We had to wait about another hour until we'd make it to the boys hotel in New York. We arrived in LaGuardia airport around queens but the hotel is in Manhattan and thank the lord for traffic. Either way, the boys were scheduled to take Cayden to rehearse right after we get there so it doesn't even matter


Ally's POV

I still can't manage from yesterday. Seriously, he hasn't sang since ever. Who knew he was gonna be amazing? I wasn't expecting that. My self esteem dropped back to 0 because i'm a worthless, talentless piece of shit compared to Cay. Even Julie said the same thing. "Secret Dreamers" my ass. More like "Hopes Too High." Why do we always get suckered into this shit? This is why we've given up on life before. 


Liam's POV

I honestly can't hold in what I know anymore. I haven't seen Julie or Ally smile in days! Julie keeps on telling me it's fine, but I honestly don't believe her. I wanna know what's wrong so I can help her. Oh, don't get me started with Ally now. She used to be the entertainer! She made all of us laugh yet she was still a fragile child. I think Cayden broke her. Like literally right through her head.


As of now, there are only two people I can go over this with. Niall and Cayden. I can't tell Cayden really since he might get hurt as well. I do however think Niall has to know. The love of his life has lost herself. I walked into Niall and Ally's room inside of the double room that Ally, Julie, Niall, and I all share. As usual these past few days, Niall has been trying to talk to Ally while she just sat there with a blank and mute expression.


"Niall?" I said. He turned around and looked at me. "What's up mate?" He said to me. I motioned for him to come over to me. He walked past me into mine and Julie's portion of the room and sat down. I looked in Ally's direction and could see her sobbing in the reflection of the window. "Liam?" I heard Niall call out.


"So what's up?" He asked me. "Niall, I know what's wrong with our girlfriends." I said. "Really? What?" He said all hyper-like. "Remember when Cayden sang?" I asked him. He nodded while saying, "He was amazing!" "Well, Ally and Julie feel like they're worthless compared to him. They've had this dream for a while and apparently, Cayden was the thing that had them let it slip right out." I said. Niall stared at me with his mouth open. "A-are they still gonna perform?" He said quite worried. "They quit, but haven't told Simon, Paul, or anyone. Just me." I told him.


Ally and Julie both came in a few seconds after I said that. They both ran to Niall and I. Julie tackled me down in tears. Ally slowly approached Niall, sat on his lap, and cried into his shoulder. "It's alright girls." Niall said. "We can get this all figured out soon."

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