Secret Dreamers [Sequel to: Never Forgotten]

A new chapter in our lives will take its toll on this journey that my best friends and I continue to endure. Taking a chance to live beyond our dreams, to travel past the limits and to remain reunited with the ones we love, a bond indestructible.

Note: Don't read if you haven't read 'Never Forgotten' or 'The Only One.'


2. Pull Through

Julie's POV

"B-But" I murmured. "Julie, come on.." Ally pleaded. The boys looked at me worried, Simon's stare took a glance at my soul. His face shifted into an expression that never glanced upon him. Tears literally began to swell in his eyes. Not many people get to see this. It ate me alive and convinced me to carry on. "I guess I'll get used to it after a while.." I said as I smiled.


Ally's POV

I smiled back at Julie as Liam kissed her on the cheek. Niall grabbed me by my waist, "You're satying, right love?" He said to me. I nodded my head really quickly and giggled. He decided to kiss me on the cheek as well. "Do you girls have any more song samples that we could hear?" Simon asked. I looked at Julie and started to hold back a ton of laughter. "Well?" Simon asked. "Guys do Oath!" Cayden said. On the inside, I was dying of laughter at how bad we do that song. On the outside, I was all jittery and shaky.


"Yo, my best friend, best friend til the very end
Cause best friends, best friends don't have to pretend
You need a hand, and i'm right there right beside you
You in the dark, i'll be the bright light to guide you
'Member the times, times, times sneaking of the house
All of the times, times, times that you had the doubts
And don't forget all the trouble we got into
We got something you can't undo, do"
Julie sang out.


"Laughing so damn hard
Crashed your dad's new car
All the scars we share
I Promise, I swear"
I sang.


"Wherever you go, just always remember
That you got a home for now and forever
And if you get low, just call me whenever
This is my oath to you"
We sung together.


We stopped and the whole van was clapping. "Wow. You girls seem to be able to all types of music!" Josh said. "Yeah! I bet they even do opera!" Andy said. I chucked a chip bag at him since Julie and I knew we weren't that good. "I think that you're better than us!" Louis said. "THAT. IS. A. TOTAL. DAMN. LIE!" I yelled. "Oh really?" Louis asked. Crap. What's he gonna do now? "Who thinks that Ally and Julie are better than One Direction!?" Louis shouted. Everyone except for Julie and I raised their hands. Even the damn driver. "So, what is your little duo called?" Zayn asked. "Secret Dreamers." Julie said. "Erm..why?" Harry said. "Our dream to be singers is a secret." I said. The whole van except for Julie, the driver, Simon and I burst into laughter. "It's not funny!" I yelled. I turned to look at the window. I had a pouty face on and my arms were crossed. I wasn't really mad at them, I just wanted to see their reactions. "We're sorry love." Niall said as he hugged me from behind. "Okay, I forgive YOU." I said. Julie was dying from laughter at this.


All of a sudden, everyone was up in my face. "ALLY FORGIVE US!" "WE DIDN'T MEAN TO!" "KEVIN IS SORRY TOO!" So many of them were all up in my face with words. "Guys, she was joking about being mad." Julie said. "Really?" Liam said. "Yes. Yes she is." Julie said. Soon, the whole van was faking being mad at me. Even Niall. "MEANIES!" I yelled. Once again they laughed. "We were only kidding!" Andy yelled. "No shit..." I said. "LANGUAGE!" Harry said. He lightly slapped my cheek. "Ay! Why'd you do that to my girlfriend?" Niall said. "Because she cursed..." Harry said. "Well how would you feel if I did this?" Niall said as he lightly slapped Cayden. "CAYDEN!!" Harry yelled. He dived down to grab him and he started kissing his cheek furiously. "Are you okay Cay??" Harry said worried. "A bit creeped right now, but fine!" Cayden said. "Wow." I blankly stated. "Wow what?" Julie asked me. "This is going to be our family for a whole year." I said. Julie's face expression changed in understanding. Sometimes, we both swear that we have telepathic connections. "What's wrong with that?" Harry asked. "Nothing, we love our family!" Julie said.


We got to the airport and went through everything. We bought the extra tickets for Julie, Cayden and I. Our bags were checked out and stuff. And here we were at the gate. As we were about to board the plane, I thought, "I guess this is where it all starts."

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