Secret Dreamers [Sequel to: Never Forgotten]

A new chapter in our lives will take its toll on this journey that my best friends and I continue to endure. Taking a chance to live beyond our dreams, to travel past the limits and to remain reunited with the ones we love, a bond indestructible.

Note: Don't read if you haven't read 'Never Forgotten' or 'The Only One.'


12. Main Performances 1 - Routine Life

Zayn's POV

We were about to sing Na Na Na. We were wearing our old signature outfits for the first part. It was kinda awkward how all our shirts seemed a bit smaller. I guess we're growing. The track started and I almost missed the beginning.


"We're like na na na! Then we're like yeah, yeah, yeah! Always like na na na! Then we're like yeah, yeah, yeah! No we can't make up our minds, cause when we think we've got it right, we go na na na na!"


I remembered this song being the first of all our concerts in the UAN Tour. I remembered living the dream. I always had it, and I almost broke it a few times. Our hard work and determination paid off more than we could ever ask for. I guess that the rollercoaster of life took its best turn just for us.


Louis' POV

The next song after 'Na Na Na' was 'Last First Kiss.' I quite like this song. However, I find its title to be quite a contradiction. Last first kiss? I know that it means that the first kiss I have with a person should be the last one they ever get since I'm the one, but really? Stupid song writers...


"I wanna be last, yeah, baby let me be your, let me be your last first kiss. I wanna be first, yeah, wanna be the first to take it all the way like this. And if you-ou-ou, only knew-ou-ou, I wanna be last, yeah, baby let me be your last, your last first kiss."


I thought of Eleanor for the whole song. I missed her so much. I was so protective over her and just wanted her to be fully mine. I really want to be her last first kiss though. I would hate for it to be someone else.


Julie's POV

I looked to the wall and saw that the next song was 'Up All Night.' Honestly, that song basically described summer vacation for Ally and I. We'd stay up all night reading fanfics while facetiming. We both ended up crashing at 7am each morning. Because of fanfics, we both learned to master the boys' voices pretty well.


"I wanna stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun! I wanna stay up all night and find a girl and tell her she's the one. Hold on the the feeling, and don't let it go. Cause' we got the floor now, get outta control! I wanna stay up all night and do it all with you!"


Staying up all night was the definition of my life. Every time I try to sleep, I can't. One second it's 10:00pm, the next it's 2:30am, and in the blink of an eye it's already like 8:00am. And this is why I don't have a laptop to call my own. I stay up late way too much. Ally thinks I'm an insomniac. Whatever. It's my choice to stay up...


Ally's POV

As the boys finished singing 'Up All Night,' Liam and Niall looked over to Julie and I. I smiled at them and Niall winked back at me. I heard the next track start up again. Oh my gosh. THIS IS MY SONG! They were about to sing 'Kiss You!' It was the song on Take Me Home that I believed would never get old. Well, other than the first single. 


"So tell me girl if every time we to-o-ouch, you get this kind of ru-u-ush! Baby say yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah!! If you don't wanna, take it slow, and you just wanna, take me home! Baby say yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah! Yeah! And let me kiss you!"


I jammed out on the side of the stage. I loved this song too much! I think I may have moved too much out because I ended up on the stage. How did I know? I bumped into my boyfriend. I smiled awkwardly at them and they tried to keep straight faces while singing. I then walked back to where my friends were. I listened to the boys sing and sat in a chair with my hands folded. Maybe I won't embarrass myself from here...


Niall's POV

As 'Kiss You' finished, I let myself keep on wondering about how Ally ended up on the stage. She came and bumped into me at my solo so I did my best to keep the solo going without laughing. I looked at her and she was trying to be all innocent as if nothing happened. Julie and Cayden were laughing while looking at her. The next track played. It was my favorite from the 'Up All Night' album.


"So get out, get out, get out of my head. And fall into my arms instead. I don't, I don't, don't know what it is, but I need that one thing, so get out, get out, get out of my mind. And come on, come into my life. I don't, I don't, don't know what it is, but I need that one thing. And you've got that, one thing."


I'll be honest, I don't know why I really like this song. I guess the fact that it's what I think would be perfect to say to a girl. Or maybe it's that I get to actually song. I DON'T, I DON'T, DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS. I JUST LOVE THIS SONG OK.


Cayden's POV

As 'One Thing' ended, Lou came out to tell me to change again. I was on after this song and the twitter questions. When I walked back into the dressing room, I saw the child that was known as the cutest baby alive. "OMG LUX!" I yelled. She giggled at me and I ran up to her. I'm sorry, but I love babies. Especially this one. Lou gave me some clothes to put on and I entered the dressing room.


Harry's POV

When 'Heart Attack' began, I looked over to the side of the stage. Where's my Cayden? I hope he's back. IS HE OK? I may be panicking too much. How do I know that? I nearly missed my part which was the first few words. Dammit...


"And I'm like 'OW!' Never thought it hurt so bad, gettin' over yo-ou. And 'OW!' You're giving me a heart attack! Lookin' like you do-o! Cause' you're all I ever wanted, thought you would be the one that's 'OW!' Givin' me a heart attack gettin' over you-ou-ou-ou!"


I wish Cayden and I were able to come out. I just don't want the fans to get mad or hate me. If I did break up with my Cayden because of management, it'd be so hard since he's giving me a heart attack. 


Liam's POV

'Heart Attack' ended and it was time for the twitter questions! I loved this part of the show. It made me feel so connected to the fans! "Alright, so here's the part where we read out your tweets and answer some of your questions!" I said. The twitter screen lit up above the boys and I. "Let's see, what do we have here?" Louis said as he began to read out the first tweet.


"@CaydenStylesxD: I can hear you guys all the way from the dressing room! Doing well!"


"THANKS CAYDEN!" Louis shouted into his microphone. I heard Julie and Ally laugh at the side of the stage. "Let's see what we have next!" Niall said. 


"@ItsMeeAliix3: Asdfghjkl will you mofos get back here and hug me!? #FeelingProud :3"


We all laughed and walked backstage to hug Ally and Julie. I may have kissed her and Niall may have kissed Ally. Erm. Let's just say that Harry had to read the next tweet to get us to come back...


"@paulyhiggins: LIAM! NIALL! You can kiss your girlfriends later! Back to work!"


Niall and I walked back onto stage while the other boys were still laughing at us. "Took you boys a while!" Harry said. "Well if it were Cayden you'd never let go!" Julie said from the spare microphone backstage. This again caused us to die of laughter. Zayn read the next tweet. 




Once again, the boys and I ended up laughing. "We'll continue later love!" I shouted to her. "I guess we can read one more tweet." I said. 


"@louteasdale: Boys! Get your arses back to the dressing room! Lux and I are waiting! :) x"


Harry was the first to run. He loves Lux! I trailed behind slowly along with the other lads. "I'm tired," Zayn said. "I wanna sleep." "You always wanna sleep!" Cayden said as we passed him. He changed clothes! Actually, that wasn't really shocking. He was wearing a grey beanie, a plain white shirt with a jean vest on top, regular khakis, a black chain, fake nerd glasses, and light blue nikes. It was a good look for him. By the time I turned back around, I ran. That was only because the rest of the boys were already ahead and left me here...



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