Secret Dreamers [Sequel to: Never Forgotten]

A new chapter in our lives will take its toll on this journey that my best friends and I continue to endure. Taking a chance to live beyond our dreams, to travel past the limits and to remain reunited with the ones we love, a bond indestructible.

Note: Don't read if you haven't read 'Never Forgotten' or 'The Only One.'


4. Let's Do This Poo

Ally's POV

Singing contest? " groups or alone?" Cayden asked. "Alone!" All the boys said. Oh shit. I so got this! "MOVE BITCH!" I said as I shoved Julie aside. I stood in the middle of the circle. Everyone stared at me. "Lol no I'm not going first." I said. I walked over to Niall and hid behind him. "Oh yes you are!" He said to me as he carried me back into the middle. I looked at Julie in complete desperation. She glanced back and forth at the boys, looked at me and nodded. That was my cue, I knew exactly which song she suggested. I stood up tall, took a deep breath and began singing a cappella.


Julie's POV

Ally and I had our little telepathy moments and now was one of them. I watched as she stood there nervously in the middle of the group. She glanced at me and I looked around; everyone had there eyes glued on her. I looked back at her and nodded as she smirked and took a breath to begin.

"I'm broken, do you hear me?

I'm blinded. 'Cause you are everything I see.

I'm dancing alone, I'm praying

That your heart will just turn around." Ally sang perfectly. Usually, this is where I'd hop in and then we join together in harmony for the chorus. Since this is a every-man-for-himself competition, it doesn't work like that. I looked around as Ally continued to sing. Niall had a warm smile strung across his face, Louis, Liam and Zayn were swaying while Harry mouthed along the words. Cayden smirked when my eyes made their way towards his direction. I could see he wasn't ready for this at all.


Zayn's POV

Ally finished singing our song and we all clapped. It was pretty cute how her face flushed right before she hid behind Julie. "Thanks!!" I heard her whisper. "What are you saying thanks to Julie for?" I blurted out while staring at the two of them. Ally's eyes widened as the boys joined in on the stare. "Julie what did you help her with?" Harry spoke deep and rather firm. "IS THERE A CASE OF CHEATING IN THIS WAR?!" Louis screamed. Ally was silenced as Julie began to speak. "You guys pretty much put her on the spot there and she wasn't sure what song to sing, so I helped her out." Julie's eyes shimmered beneath the light as a smile crept on her face to reveal a dimple on both of her cheeks. "But I didn't hear you say a word to Ally before she sang.." Niall reckoned. "Didn't need to." Julie spoke. "Well then.." Louis started. "Who's next?!" He exclaimed.


Liam's POV

He glanced around the room a few times until he finally screamed out "CAYDEN!!" I looked at the young lad that stood there shocked. To be honest, he's the only one that we all haven't heard sing. No one knows if he can sing or not besides the two ladies. I questioned if he had hidden talents but I honestly doubt it. He made his way to the middle nearly shaking in nervousness. "I-I can't sing guys." Cayden's voice shook. "You can do it.." Harry insisted. "Cayden, you got this." Julie and Ally said. "B-But what song will I sing.." Cayden questioned. Julie and Ally whispered in his ear and he nervously smiled. He walked towards the middle of the group. All ears were opened to what was coming; good or bad.

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