Secret Dreamers [Sequel to: Never Forgotten]

A new chapter in our lives will take its toll on this journey that my best friends and I continue to endure. Taking a chance to live beyond our dreams, to travel past the limits and to remain reunited with the ones we love, a bond indestructible.

Note: Don't read if you haven't read 'Never Forgotten' or 'The Only One.'


6. Cayden Too?

Cayden's POV

I felt better after singing. I haven't done it in front of my friends or even family. I never thought I was better than my bestfriends. Ally and Julie had this perfect harmony that no one can overcome. Ally was getting me worried. I mean, I know literally everything about her, before I became.. well, me, she was my bestfriend, girlfriend and almost everything I could ever ask for. Singing has been her dream since she was young. I'm afraid shes' giving up on it. 


"Cayden, I didn't know you could sing." Simon said to me. "Well...I can!" I said to him. "You should be the second opening for the boys as well!" He said to me. I didn't know what to say. Me as well? "I'd love to but-" I said. Simon cut me off after. "Great! You'll go on after Ally and Julie!" He said. I didn't want to do this. I couldn't. This is not what I wanted. 


"Hey guys I found Ally!" I heard Niall scream. 


Niall's POV

After eating some food, I really had to use the bathroom. I walked past the living room where Simon was with Cayden talking about something. When I opened the door, I saw my little love on the floor. She was sleeping on the floor. She looked so tired. "Hey guys I found Ally!" I yelled. Everyone ran over and started laughing. She woke up and looked at all of us with puppy eyes. Her hair fell over one eye and she looked younger than she was. 


She fell to the side and I picked her up. Apparently, she fell back asleep. I carried her to her bunk and just set her there. Her face was paler than usual and she looked very frustrated. I decided to leave her there. I'd ask her about it later. "Sleep in peace love." I whispered to her. I kissed her forehead and left.


Julie's POV

Niall walked back into the main area with the rest of us. Cayden wanted to tell us all something. "Hey Nialler, how's Ally?" I said to him. He just made a shushing sound to the rest of us. I guess she was asleep. "Well I've called you all here to say that..." Cayden began. He paused in the middle for some reason. I'm gonna guess that it was for dramatic effect. "I'm gonna be the second opening act on tour for the boys!" He said. DAMN. One song must be all it take for Uncle Simon's decisions. 


"Congrats Cayden." Ally said. "Did we wake you up babe?" Niall said. "I was never asleep." She replied to him. "You okay Ally?" I asked her. "Perfectly fine..." She said to me. I could feel something wasn't right though. Damn telepathic relationship...

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