just another love story :*

my name is Skyler jones and im a teenage reck my only friends is blue i live with my aunty shally because my pearents left me in stuped old england while there living it out in Ameraca for 7 years im a senoir at a shit high shool full of stuck up snobs including 5 hot shot boysin a boy band called 1D :O # heey guys this is my first fan fic no hate but feed back would be nice :).


1. I hate it all


SKYLER'S P.O.V:I'm you'r adverige teen not the pritteist in the school not the most popular and I'm infact far from it  to be honest my life is shit my name is Skyler jones and I'm a teenage reck I live with my aunty shelly because my perents left to America to live for 7 years without me I'm stuck in normal old England as a senior at a crap high with my best friend  blue. The  populars are 5 stuck up Boys in a hot shot boy band 1D the onlynice one in that group is Zayn. Theres also Hilary, Danny and Sam Zayn and Hilary are a couple can't he tell when a fake bitch is right in front of him behind that cake of makeup is probably a hideous monster.

I woke up with the most horrendous bed hed of all time. I floped my self into the shower and then brushed my hair slipped on a buttion up top some skinnys and my blue vans grabed a juice box and jumped in my little rundown car that my perents left with me.

i turned up to school and said "yet another shit day" then right infron of my car was the populars all looking like a bunch of cokkey priks except for Zayn he was really nice he talks to me occasionally in science if his over clingy stuck up girlfriend wasent hanging on to his shoulder like she was glued to him we would probably get a good convo started. 

Then Blue comes and knocked on my car window and says schools nearly started lets go i jump out of my car and blue and i start walking to the front entrance of the school. The bell rings for first period witch is Science "have fun" Blue says with a cheeky smerk on her face "trust me i wont  " i say.

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