Moments (One Direction)

This is a story about a girl named Em who is very close friends with a guy named 'Harry Styles' who is also from a famous boy band (One Direction) and she is in the middle of a rough relationship. So Harry spends lots of time with her then something unexpected happens and turns her whole life around..


8. The Moment of Truth

I kept looking at the floor, at my feet. Not wanting to look up at Stiles.

"Em." I heard Stiles say. My stomach started turning. I felt like throwing up.

I looked up at Stiles. I didn't know what to expect. He smiled at me and it pushed all my nerves away. I was happy to see him. I walked over to the side of his bed and hugged him tightly. I never wanted to let go of him, I felt his warm body around me and his arms wrapped tightly around my lower back.

He let go of me and I got up to see the real damage I've done. His left leg raised up with a cast rolled up to his knee. Right arm cast up to his elbow. Cuts all around his face and arms.

I opened my mouth to say something, but I couldn't think of the right words. 

"Em, look it's okay. I'm fine." Stiles said knowing I was going to get overwhelmed.

"I'm so sorry. I-I-" I stuttered, tears rolling down my face. 

"Babe it's okay, it's all okay. Don't worry." I grabbed a chair and sat it down right next to him. He started wiping away my tears and kissing my head.

"Stiles I'm sorry. It's all my fault and-" I was cut off by Stiles.

"Em it's not your fault. Let's just talk about this later okay? Don't think about it. As long as I'm living, breathing, and right here next to you, I am fine." He said with a soft smile.

I wiped away all my tears and looked at him smiling back.

"How long do you have to stay for?" I asked.

"Not much longer, the doctor told me I'll be out of here in three days, no longer." He said whilst grabbing my hand and rubbing circles on it.

"That's good." I said smiling. "Does your arm and leg hurt?" I asked.

"No, not really. I can't really feel anything with the casts around them." 

We both kept looking at each other. He softly grabbed my face and pulled it closed to his. I rested my head against his. He smiled then kissed me lightly, pulled away and kissed me again and continued. I wrapped one arm around the back of his neck and my hand grazing his soft hair. He finally kissed me one last time and never let go, I tugged on his hair a little. I didn't want it to end, I wanted to be with him in his arms and our lips touching, forever. I felt his tongue move in and I moved mine. 

Suddenly we heard knocking on the door and it startled us. We both jumped and let go of each other. 

The door opened and a nurse walked in. "Oh sorry! Didn't mean to startle ya. I just wanted to know what you wanted for dinner." 

"Eh, I'm not really hungry." Stiles said. I looked at him in surprise. "Stiles you have to eat." I said.

"Oh no it's fine! I can come back later, when you're hungry. I'll leave a menu on the counter just in case! If you need anything just push the red button on the remote. Alright I'll see ya later sweetie." She said whilst walking out the door.

"Why didn't you get something to eat? It'll help you get better." I asked.

"I'm not a big fan of hospital food." 

"Do you want me to grab you something outside? I can get you McDonald's or Subway or-" I was cut off by Stiles. 

"No, no, no, I'm fine. It's alright, I'm not hungry. When I get hungry I'll tell you." 

"Okay..I just don't want you to starve." 

"I'm fine. Do you know how Scott and Allison are doing? I can't really get up to see them aha." He said looking at his arm and leg.

"Uh yeah, I visited Scott before I came here, he's doing well. Broken arm though,but he's fine. He asked how you were as well haha. But I couldn't see Allison, they're still running tests on her." 

"Still?! Wow. I hope she's okay."

"Yeah me too..I'm going to check back on her tomorrow, if they let me in."

"Alright, are you staying the night here? With me?" He asked winking and grinning at me.

"Haha I wish! But sadly I can't. The hospital only allows people who are related to the patient to sleep overnight in the waiting room. And I can't sleep in here."

"Awh why not? I want you to stay with me." 

"Only one person at a time is allowed in your room, so I assume your dad is going to be staying in here with you while Sophie sleeps outside."

"I'll tell my dad to sleep outside with Sophie and you can sleep here with me."

"No, no, your dad has to stay here with you haha. Anyways I have to get going Harry's waiting for me outside, he's probably bored to death."

"He's here?" Stiles asked tensing up.

"Uh yeah.. He drove me here. He didn't want anything happening to me whilst on my way here."

"Oh.. Well tell him I said thank you." Stiles said loosening up a little. "Can you tell him to pop his head in here for a little? I need to tell him something." 

"Yeah sure" I said a little confused. I hesitated going to the door and opening it, I didn't know what Stiles was doing or wanted.

I opened the door and called for Harry. "Do you want me to leave?" I asked. 

"No it's okay, tell him to just come in here. I'm sure the nurses won't mind if there's another person in here for a minute."

Harry walked in looking confused. 

"Uh hey." Harry said standing in the doorway.

"Come in." Stiles motioned for Harry to go over by him. I stood over by the door to make sure we wouldn't get caught. I can hear everything they're saying as well. Which is good, so I don't have to ask later on and sound desperate. 

"I really appreciate you bringing Em here, thank you." Stiles said.

"Oh yeah, sure, anytime. I just wanted to make sure she got here and back safely."

"Look, can you please just take care of her for the next few days. I'll be out of here in three days so I can take her off your hands. I just don't want her hurting herself." Stiles said.

Hurting myself? Why would I be hurting myself? I think I'm fine on my own. At least Stiles and Harry are getting along for once.

"Yeah I'll keep an eye on her. Why do you think she'll be hurting herself?" Harry asked.

"I know she thinks it's her fault why me, Scott, and Allison are in the hospital. And I just don't want her to go and feel like she should hurt herself because she put us here. Even though it's not her fault, it's mine. But I know she'll take blame."

Stiles said in a more lower voice. I turned around and looked at them. Both their faces turned and looked at me. Stiles put his head down and Harry looked at him and said, "It's okay she's in good hands. I wouldn't let anything happen to her." He put his hand on Stiles' shoulder and looked at me and smiled. Then walked out and shut the door behind him.

I walked over to Stiles. "Stiles, I'm not going to hurt myself. I'm not like that."

"I know Em, I just don't want you getting hurt. That's all."

I kissed him softly one last time and hugged him. 

"I'll see you tomorrow babe." He said. I waved goodbye and walked out the door to see Sophie sitting there in the chair again.

"Finally, took you long enough." She said. I smirked at her and walked away with Harry. 








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