Moments (One Direction)

This is a story about a girl named Em who is very close friends with a guy named 'Harry Styles' who is also from a famous boy band (One Direction) and she is in the middle of a rough relationship. So Harry spends lots of time with her then something unexpected happens and turns her whole life around..


3. Surprise, Surprise

-We heard a knock on the door..- 

Stiles got up to go see who it was that was knocking on his bedroom door.He opened it to find his best friend Scott. "Oh, hey I didn't know you were coming over?" Stiles asked. "Well if you would answer your phone and stop playing around with Em maybe you would know." Scott said smiling and inviting himself in. Stiles laughed and looked at me and winked. Stiles and Scott talked for a while about guy stuff and somethings I didn't understand so I got bored and decided to go. "Hey, I think I'm gonna go I'll talk to you later k?" I said while getting up. "Alright babe bye" Stiles said getting up and kissing me softly on the lips. "Bye Em!" Scott added when we finished kissing. "Bye Scott" I said smiling back at him. I left Stiles house and decided to go home and take a nap since I had nothing better to do.. I got into the house and went to grab a quick snack when I heard the doorbell ring. I jog to the door and open it..And my mouth drops open and my snack falls to the ground. "AHHHHHH!" I screamed when I saw him. "Oh my gosh I missed you so much! I can't believe you're here!" I said in excitement while hugging him tightly. I haven't seen him in what felt like forever! I never wanted to let go of him...It was Harry, Harry Styles the most important guy in my life(Excluding Stiles) I love him so much. "hahhah  hey! Missed me?" He said while hugging me tightly back. We both let go and I invited him in. He turned around to grab something. It was a suitcase! "Mind if I stay here for a bit? We're on break." He asked me politely. "I would love that!" I helped him with his other bags of luggage and brought them inside. "So whatchya been up to?" He asked "Nothing really how about you?" I responded "Oh as if you don't know haha" He said while poking me. I couldn't help but laugh, he knew all my tickle spots and kept poking me there "hahaha Harry stop! haha" I said while huddling down so he couldn't poke me anymore. "Alright! Alright! There" He said stopping. "I missed you.. a lot" He said looking into my eyes and smiling I smiled back and said,"I missed you too, I'm glad you came" I looked down at my phone, Stiles was calling me. "Hello?" I answered. "Hey babe! I was wondering if you wanted to go out for ice cream later on tonight with Stiles and Allison?" "Sorry! I can't! Can I do a rain check though?.." I said. I wanted to spend time with Harry, but I still felt bad for Stiles. "Oh..Yeah uhm sure." "Okaaay thanks! Love you!" "Love you too" I then ended the call. "oooooh who was that?" Harry asked smirking. "Stiles." I answered "Oh yeah your boyfriend right?" "Yep, so what do you wanna do?" I asked Harry. "How about we go out for dinner? I'm starved!" He replied "Haha sure let me go get dressed. I'll be right down!" I said while running to go upstairs. I came back down 20 mins later. "That didn't take long at all!" Harry said sarcastically. "Haha shut up!" I yelled. "Let's go I'm hungrrrrrryyyyyyy!!!" He moaned. "Alright c'mon." motioning him towards the door. We got into my car and I let him drive. We backed out of the driveway and drove off.


Sorry for the super late update! You don't understand how busy I've beeeen! I study non-stop! And finals are coming up so I have to study even harder. Sorry again, it's really hard for me to go on my laptop when I get home at 6:30 pm everyday after practice and don't finish my homework until midnight every night.. But hooray for winter break in a week! I'll try to update as soon as I can! Thanks (: Xxx


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