Moments (One Direction)

This is a story about a girl named Em who is very close friends with a guy named 'Harry Styles' who is also from a famous boy band (One Direction) and she is in the middle of a rough relationship. So Harry spends lots of time with her then something unexpected happens and turns her whole life around..


16. Moving on

I woke up, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and went downstairs.

Louis and Liam were sitting down at the table talking. They saw me walking towards them and they stopped talking and smiled at me.

I raised my brow, "Uh morning?" 

"Good morning, how'd you sleep." Liam began to chuckle and gave me a wink.

"Fine...How about you?" I asked still quirking my brow.

Liam and Louis began to laugh.

"Are you sure your sleep was only 'fine'?" Louis asked with a huge smile across his face.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"You slept with Niall!" Liam blurted out and both of them began to laugh.

My jaw dropped and my eyes went wide, "I didn't sleep with Niall?!" 

"Yeah you did, we saw you two sleeping in your bed together!" Louis laughed.

"No! We were watching T.V. and we fell asleep, that's it!" I began to laugh.

Before Louis could say anything Niall walked out of the bathroom and looked at us all laughing.

"Did I miss something?" Niall asked.

"Niall! Tell them we didn't sleep together last night!" I grabbed him by the arm smiling.

"What?!" His eyes grew wide.

"No, no, no, no, no, we just fell asleep watching something." Niall looked over at Liam and Louis who were laughing.

"Wow Em, we didn't think you would move on that quickly!" Louis said about to fall out of his chair.

"Stop!" I said going over to him and punching his arm which almost made him jump out of his seat. I began to laugh and Louis grabbed his chest in exaggeration.

"Alright, alright guys drop it haha." Niall said waving his hands and going over to the pantry to find food.

 "Drop what?" Harry said rubbing his eyes and yawning, walking over to the table.

"Oooh nothing." I said looking over at Niall and sitting down next to Louis.

We all began smiling at each other trying to contain our laughter.

"You guys are weird." Harry said walking over to the island and leaning against it.

"What's for breakfast?" He asked looking at me.

"Eh, I don't know..I don't feel like making anything." I said.

Louis and Liam looked over at me. 

"Oh is it from last night?" Louis said laughing along with Liam. 

"Let's go out for breakfast." Zayn said. We all jumped.

"Oh my gosh when did you get here?!" I said feeling my heart beating 1000 times a minute.

"You scared us mate." Liam said putting his hand to his chest.

"Are we going or not?" Zayn said smiling.

We all got up and went to go change. 

We walked up the stairs and Louis tried containing his laugh, "Niall don't forget your room is over here." He said pointing and covering his mouth.

I smiled and rolled my eyes and gave out a small sigh.

We all were changed and ready to go. 

Zayn drove us to a small breakfast cafe filled with about 10 people. Of course some of them asked for pictures and autographs, but after that we all sat down in a large booth and ordered our food.

"Oh sorry guys, do you want me to move?" Liam said smirking at me and Niall since he was sitting between us.

Louis high fived him across the table and began giggling.

I eyed Liam and Louis. 

"Uh is everything alright?" Harry asked looking at the four of us.

"Oh yeah everything's fine." Louis said smirking.

"Hey Niall where were you last night? I woke up in the middle of the night to go get water and saw that you weren't in your room." Zayn said. Louis and Liam burst out laughing.

I elbowed Liam, but he wouldn't stop.

Niall opened his mouth, but didn't know what to say.

"Let me answer that." Louis said putting his hand on his chest and smirking at Niall and I.

"No, no, it's okay!" I said putting a fake smile on my face and looking at Louis.

"No, I don't mind really." I eyed Louis, but he didn't stop. I didn't want everyone knowing the wrong story. But I guess there's no stopping Louis now.

"Niall and Em slept together." Louis said biting his lip trying to keep in his laugh along with Liam.

Harry almost choked on his water and looked at us. He gulped, in unison him and Zayn said, "What?!" 

"No,no, no, it's not like that-" I said.

"We were watching some shows on her telly and we fell asleep during it all." Niall continued.

Our food came and Harry and Zayn still looked shocked.

"Louis' making it seem way more inappropriate than it really is." I said cutting my waffles.

"I'm only making it out how you two wanted it to be." He began to laugh at his joke.

My mouth dropped and I began to blush, "Stop it!" 

"You guys are ridiculous. Earlier this morning makes more sense now." Harry said smiling.

We finished our food and drove back to the house.

Stiles was waiting at the door. 

Harry quickly got out of the car and slammed the door shut after himself. 

I sat there in shock. 

"Stay here." Niall said putting his arm on mine and quickly running out after Harry.

The rest of the boys followed.

I heard them shouting at each other when Stiles quickly came to the side of the car where I was and opened the door. Scott came running after him along with the other boys.

"Em please just listen to me." Stiles said out of breath.

I looked straight into his eyes. My eyes began to get very watery. Everything was a blur and I quickly wiped my eyes.

"Em it was all a mistake I-" He was cut off by Harry pushing him down making his crutches fling under the car.

I shrieked, I didn't know what was going on or what to do. I was scared.

I looked down to see Harry on top of Stiles with the boys getting him off. Stiles was covering his face the whole time.

The other side of the car door opened and it was Niall grabbing me out of the car.

"Em!" I heard Stiles say his voice weak.

"No stop! Stop!" I tried getting out of Niall's grip.

"Em what are you doing?!" Niall shouted.

"Let go!" I shook my hand free and ran over to Stiles.

I bent down next to him and tried helping him up. 

Harry stared at me in shock, Louis and Zayn had Harry pinned back.

"Em I'm sorry!" Stiles shouted weakly his voice cracking.

I lifted him up to see that his nose was bleeding. 

"Hold on let me go get something for that." I said letting him rest with Scott.

I ran into the house looking for a wet towelette and a dry one.

I heard the door shut and lock from the kitchen.

I ran back with the towelettes in my hand seeing that it was Liam.

"Em I can't let you do this." He said pulling me back from the door.

"Let go of me Liam! I need to go!" I screamed trying to escape free of his muscular grip.

"No Em! You can't go out there! He'll take care of himself!"

"Liam please let go! He needs help!" Tears began to well up in my eyes.

"His friend will help!"

"No! He needs me! Let go! Please!" 

He gave up knowing how much pain I was in and I ran out the doors going to the side of the car where I left Stiles.

I heard Harry from behind me, "What the hell Liam!? All you had to do was keep her in there!"

I looked around for Stiles, but there was no sign of him.

"Where is he?! What did you do to him?!" I screamed.

"He left." Harry said looking guiltily at the ground.

"What?! Why?!" Tears began streaking down my face, I wiped them away.

"Let's just go inside before there's another scene." Harry said walking away.

I looked down and the ground seeing blotches of red going onto the street. It was Stiles' blood. 

How could Harry do that?! Why would Liam hold me hostage inside?! Why?! Why me.

I began to mumble things walking inside with my head down.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't hold my temper. I'm sorry Em I just hated seeing you hurt for so long." Harry said sounding guilty.

I remembered the things I had gone through and knew that it was for the best that Harry did that.

"Em please just say something." I turned to see Harry having pain and guilt in his eyes.

"Let's just drop it." I said turning back around and walking upstairs. 

I locked my door and curled up in my bed turning on the T.V.

Hours passed by only feeling like minutes. I turned to look outside and it was pure darkness, pitch black.

Did time really fly by that fast? How come I didn't notice?

I lied down cuddled in my warm blankets with my head buried down into my pillow when I heard a knock on the window.

I ignored it thinking it was a branch or something just lightly tapping my window getting me scared.

The knocking wasn't stopping. I got up and opened the window to see a figure on my small porch.

"What the-" I began to say. The figure came running towards me.

I screamed scrambling backwards. It came into my room and I quickly gasped and crawled over to the light switch and jumped up to turn it on.

I grabbed my chest, "You scared the hell out of me." I said gasping for air.

"I didn't mean to scare you like that...Okay well maybe a little." He began to laugh.

"I can't believe you." I said laughing and hitting his arm. "Why would you come through the window?! I have a door you know."

"Yeah I know." He began laughing throwing me to the bed.

I screamed, "Niall!" I tried controlling my breathing, I was still scared and laughing at the same time.

He hovered over me, leaning down and kissing me gently on the lips. 

I lay there shocked, gazing into his bright eyes. I smirked and pulled him down gently, my hand on his neck. His lips were soft and plump, I didn't want them to leave mine. I kissed him and began smiling.

I felt his breath inches away from my lips. 

He kissed me again and again smiling in between kisses.

The sudden feeling of loneliness escaped me, it was no longer there.

I wanted Niall to stay with me and hold me tight.

His arm gently rested over my waist, the other cupping my face.

I put my fingers through his soft raised hair, my other hand resting on the back of his neck.

He stopped kissing me and pulled away inches from my face, staring into my eyes.

He smirked, "You don't know how long I've been waiting to do that."

I smiled and pulled him in for another kiss.

Rapid knocking at my door startled us both making us jump.

"Em, have you seen Niall? We can't find him and he left his phone downstairs." It was Liam.

I turned to face Niall and smiled.

"I'm in here." Niall said getting up and unlocking the door.

I quickly got back into the position I was in before and raised the T.V. volume.

Niall opened the door and Liam had a huge smile across his face.

"Was I interrupting you two?" He gave a wink and tried holding in his laugh.

"We were watching T.V. Unless you wanna join?" I asked with a smile across my face.

"No, no it's okay. I'll leave you two alone." Liam said before looking over at the window. "Did you open the window because you knew I was coming up and my hottness is just too much for you?" Liam said cockily raising his eyebrow.

"Of course! How'd you know?!" I began to laugh.

He raised his hands and lifted his shoulders and ran downstairs.

He bursted out laughing you would have thought he fell from how hard he was laughing.

I shook my head.

Niall came over beside me leaving the door open so the room could air out.

He kissed my cheek and grabbed the remote.

"Hey!" I said sitting up and trying to grab the remote back.

He lifted his arm and stood up so I couldn't reach.

I tackled him down trying to get the remote. 

We were laughing like maniacs. 

I pinned him down to the bed kneeling down beside him when I heard giggles from outside the room and felt people staring at us.

I slowly turned to see Louis and Liam outside the door covering their mouths trying to hold in their laugh.

I saw that Niall was distracted by them so I quickly grabbed the remote from his hand and dropped down beside him.

"Hey! I was distracted! Not fair!" He said laughing and crossing his arms over his chest.

Louis and Liam were rolling around laughing loudly when Harry and Zayn ran up behind them.

"They-them! I-" Louis tried making out words to tell Harry and Zayn, but was laughing too hard. "Two nights in a row!" Liam chuckled.

Me and Niall walked out by everyone, Louis and Liam finally stood up and stopped laughing as hard.

"We saw that!" Louis pointed at both me and Niall.

"He took the remote! I just wanted it back!" I said pointing at Niall.

"Yeah, okay. That's why you two were on top of each other." Liam said raising a brow at us.

"It's called wrestling, have you ever watched some?" I asked.

Liam put his hands up in defeat and then they all left. We heard them talking about us as they were all walking down the long flight of steps.

"There's something going on between them."

"Do you think they like each other?"

"Nawh she's too caught up with Stiles."

I suddenly became very tense. 


Was I betraying him? 

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