Moments (One Direction)

This is a story about a girl named Em who is very close friends with a guy named 'Harry Styles' who is also from a famous boy band (One Direction) and she is in the middle of a rough relationship. So Harry spends lots of time with her then something unexpected happens and turns her whole life around..


7. Hospital Visit

-Em's P.O.V.-

We finally arrived at the hospital. 

I was so scared to see how Stiles looked. Was he covered in cuts and bruises? Was he all wrapped up? I didn't want to see him broken. 

Me and Harry walked into the hospital and went to the front desk and asked for Stiles. The woman pointed us in the direction of Stiles' room. I was terrified of what awaited me. As long as I have Harry with me, I think I'll be fine. 

I tried to pull myself together and stop crying. I didn't want to upset Stiles even more.

We found Stiles' room. Outside of the room four chairs were lined up against the wall..One chair already filled. 

It was Sophie.

Great. When I thought my day couldn't have gotten any worse..It just did.

"What do you want?" Sophie snarled. 

"I came to see Stiles..." 

"Don't you think you've caused enough trouble? You're the reason he's here."

It felt like my hearts been shattered into a million pieces. I didn't want to believe it was my fault, but I knew it was.

I opened my mouth, but no words came out.

"Ha you're pathetic-" She was cut off by Harry. 

"Can you please stop. We're here for Stiles, not you." 

"Awh how cute, you got pretty boy over here to defend you. By the way, only one person at a time is allowed in, so you might as well go see the other two, a couple doors down. Since Stiles is with his father right now." She smirked.

Me and Harry started walking down the hall looking for Allison and Scott. We found them in two separate rooms. I was about to grab the handle to open the door to Allison's room, but I was stopped by a nurse.

"Excuse me miss, Allison isn't allowed to have any visitors yet. They're still running tests on her, sorry."

"Oh okay, sorry I didn't know. Is it alright if I see Scott in the next room?" I asked. "Yes you may see him, but his mother is already in there and only two people at a time are allowed in." The nurse answered whilst looking back and forth at me and Harry.

"Alright that's fine, thank you." "You're welcome dear."

 We walked over to Scott's room. I knocked on the door. "I'll be waiting out here." Harry said. "Okay, I won't be long." I replied.

Ms. McCall opened the door and invited me in. Scott was laying in the hospital bed, left arm broken and in a cast, cuts at the top of his head, and bruised on his right arm.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" I asked Scott.

"Eh, could be better. How about you? How are you holding up?" Scott asked me.

"I'm going to go get a snack and leave you two alone, I'll be back soon." Ms. McCall said. Me and Scott nodded in agreement. 

"Uhm anyways..I heard the news from Harry..I'm so sorry." 

"From Harry? How did he find out before you?" 

"He answered my phone while I was in the bathroom.."

"Oh well,  you really don't have to worry. As long as we're all okay and not badly hurt. Did you see Stiles yet? The nurses won't let me get out of this stupid bed to go see him, I just want to make sure he's fine." 

"No sorry I haven't seen him or Allison yet..They only allow one person at a time to go see Stiles and Sophie was there..So i didn't really want to wait for her to finish. And they won't let anyone see Allison yet, they're still giving her tests.."

"Wow.. I'm sorry"

"No Scott you shouldn't be apologizing to me. I should be apologizing to all three of you. I'm the reason you all are in here."

"Em, it's not your fault. Don't say that. You shouldn't take fault every time bad things happen. Everything happens for a reason, okay?."

"C'mon Scott, you know it's my fault. If I hadn't argued with Stiles, you guys wouldn't be in this mess."

"Em, not every relationship is perfect. Everyone fights." 

"I know, I know" I said. We then heard knocking on the door.

I walked over, opened the door to see it was Harry. "Hey Em uh sorry to interrupt, but Sophie left and Mr. Stilinski said you can go see Stiles now." 

"Oh okay I'll be out in a bit let me just tell Scott." I told Harry. 

"Scott, I can go see Stiles now. So I'll be back later to keep you posted." 

"Alright thanks and Em.." 


"Don't blame yourself for this." 

I nodded and walked out the door.  

I finally arrived in front of Stiles' room. I was hesitant to knock, I didn't want to see the mess I made. I guess Harry saw how I was looking at the door, so he knocked for me. I looked at him and smiled, he smiled back.

"Come in." I heard Stiles say. His voice was the same, maybe a little weaker.

I opened the door, my heart was racing. 

"Hey.." I said biting my bottom lip and closing the door behind me.



Sorry I know I promised this chapter last week, but I got really busy out of nowhere. Hope you liked this, I'm writing the next chapter write now and I'll be posting it soon! So it'll probably be done and posted in about 30 mins - 1 hour. Thank you xxx






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